How to cook a semi-automatic?

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How to cook a semi-automatic?

In work with metal, welding semiautomatic is not just so popular: when working with such a unit, the welding current density is much higher than with automatic welding. Models and configurations of semi-automatic machines are very different and, if you know how to cook with a semi-automatic machine, the type of device will not play any role for you. Naturally, for comfortable work, compactness and the weight of a semi-automatic machine are of no small importance. If mobile use of a semiautomatic device is supposed, then it is better to prefer the single case light device, but not the heavy two case. And optimum work on this device can be achieved only as a result of its correct setting.

How to cook a semi-automatic

  1. Taking into account the thickness of the parts, select the strength of the welding current and its characteristic welding wire feed speed. Use for this the table that is displayed in the instructions for this unit.
  2. Selection and installation of replaceable gears will help you set the welding wire feed rate required for welding. Use a table or a special box of speeds.
  3. With the help of adjusting devices, adjust the power supply (DC machine or welding transformer) to the required current and voltage. This will allow to have steady arc burning, high-quality roller formation and the required amount of molten flux.
  4. Welding wire enters through the special hose into the mouthpiece itself or from it, depending on the position of the switch located on the hardware box. Set the switch to the “Forward” position and the wire will start to flow towards the holder to the specified welding point. By setting the “Back” position, you will direct the wire towards the coil. Therefore, set the desired mode.
  5. Fill the funnel with flux, set the switch to the "Forward" position. Direct the holder so that the tip of the mouthpiece is directly above the weld. After opening the valve of the flux funnel, press “Start” and at the same time make a slight movement with the holder of the apparatus at the welding point. This movement will allow to initiate the arc and start the welding process itself.

Now you know how to prepare the device for cooking and how to cook a semi-automatic. The video will perfectly complement the acquired knowledge base and help you visually make sure that it is not at all difficult to cook with a semiautomatic device. It is much more difficult to make beautiful, reliable (if for pipes) and strong seams.

Also welding by a semiautomatic device can take place in the environment of protective gas - carbon dioxide. Everyone can learn how to cook with a semiautomatic device, the main thing is to understand the principle of operation, which is that a copper wire is fed to the holder with a nozzle and, at the same time, carbon dioxide is released from the nozzle. Carbon dioxide and wire feed rates can be adjusted. The result and quality of welding depends mainly on the correctly chosen wire and gas feed rates.

It is possible to cook with a semiautomatic device in various positions, and, unlike arc welding, the welding seam has a flat surface without slag and practically without “snot”.