How to connect motives?

September 18, 2014
How to connect motives?

In recent times knitwear made of motifs have become popular. They look very beautiful and elegant and compare favorably with products made with traditional knitting. Motives are usually crocheted, but you can also make them with knitting. Today we will talk about how to knit motifs and knitting, and crochet.

Knitting motives: rules and tips

The meaning of knitting motifs is that they perform a certain number of individual elements, which are then interconnected in the process of knitting or sewn. So it turns out the finished product. One of the drawbacks of such a knitting method is that each motif must be knitted from the beginning, and at the end cut off the thread, fasten, hide the ends in the finished product. This is especially disliked by those who like to dissolve and dress up things several times. Nevertheless, the beauty and elegance of products, connected from motives, makes needlewomen ignore this disadvantage.

  • On the Internet you can find a lot of sites where various motives are presented.Specific instructions describe in detail how to link motifs. For example, you will find several interesting examples of products, and the needlewomen themselves add photo-instructions of knitted motifs of things.
  • In order to tie a motif, you must be able to read knitting patterns. These are the basics of knitting, which every needlewoman should know.
  • Think of how the motives will be located. In schemes for beginners always indicate the place and method of connecting motifs, as well as their arrangement and filling the spaces between them. If you already have experience in knitting, you will only need a motive scheme, and everything else will tell you fantasy.
  • Tie the required number of motifs. Make sure that they are identical - then the finished product will look better. In more complex products motifs of different sizes can be combined.
  • Motives can have a different shape: round, square, rectangular. Round crocheted motifs are especially popular because they look very elegant in the finished product. Since the round motifs are adjacent to each other less than, for example, square ones, voids are formed between them, which must be filled in addition.In general, the thing looks more tracery.
  • A lot of questions cause a mix of motives. Knitting elements can be connected in a variety of ways: with the help of air chains and arches, tightly knit crochet stitches or, finally, square motifs can simply be sewn along smooth edges.