How to connect a phone jack?

In many homes, there is a need to install a parallel telephone. After all, to have a second phone in the house, it is quite convenient, since it allows you to install a device in each room. But for this, you must pre-dilute and connect telephone sockets in all rooms. But after all, not everyone knows how to properly connect a telephone socket, but it is not so difficult as it may seem. Let's try to do it together.

Housing assembly

First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that the telephone jack is decomposed into two parts, the first is the case with five sockets, and the second is the plug with five pins. And now we remember that the telephone line wire will need to be connected to the socket body, while the cord that goes directly to the phone is connected to the plug. First you need to disassemble the telephone jack and clean the ends of the paired telephone line wire. If you look into the case, you will see 4 sockets to which the telephone line is connected.

If you look at the outlet in such a way that the fifth plastic contact is at the bottom, then you need to connect the telephone line to two sockets, which are located on the right side of the case. You must fasten the wire with special fixing screws. After that, the lower part of the body will need to be attached to the wall or floor, and the upper part also secure with a screw in the designated place. Everything, the case is assembled.

Connecting a telephone jack

Now you should properly assemble the plug. But for this, you first need to disassemble it. Inside it, you will see a circuit that will repeat the device of the socket housing, but its wired contacts will go to the pins. You need to connect these pins and sockets.

It should be remembered that when connecting to the pins, the connection must be observed so that the socket outlet can ensure the contact of the wire of the communication line with your telephone cord, and the signal passes to the device. Telephone line is connected.

Installation of telephone euro outlets

Today, RJ-11 telephone connectors have practically supplanted the old RTSK-4 type, since all new telephone sets come with plugs of this standard.And of course, that immediately raises the question of how to connect a telephone jack of this type? And it will not be difficult, everything can be done using one screwdriver.

To install an RJ-11 standard outlet instead of the old RTSK-4, you must first pick up the receiver on a parallel device. Such a measure will not allow the arrival of a high-voltage ringing signal. When there is no parallel apparatus, you need to work with rubber gloves. First of all, you should disconnect the wires from the RTSHK-4 outlet and dismantle it. You can immediately throw it away, but you can also save it in case of the emergence of another device with a plug of the old standard. Now you need to connect the RTSHK-4 wires that are disconnected from the outlet to the middle contacts of the outlet RJ-11, while nothing should be connected to the extreme ones.

If there is a cover on the new outlet, then you need to close it and connect the phone to it, and then hang up on the parallel device. After that, you should make sure that both phones work. That's all you can use.