How to connect a second receiver Tricolor?

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How to connect a second receiver Tricolor?

Often, users are faced with the fact that it is not enough for them to watch television in high quality only on one TV set together with the whole family. I want to watch your favorite shows, but one TV is not enough for everyone. Especially for them tricolor tv offers to connect 2 receivers. For this you need to perform a series of actions. Consider them below.

Connecting a second receiver

Before connecting a second receiver, you need to make sure that both the receiver and the TV are not connected to the network. Remember that before installing the receivers it is imperative to check their operation separately. To do this, turn on each receiver in the network and press the power button, if you see that the indicator is working, then you can proceed to further installation of the receivers.

How to connect Tricolor TV

  1. First you need to prepare a coaxial cable that comes with the receiver.It is necessary to remove the cable jacket from both sides, and the protective film cannot be damaged. It must be carefully retracted so that, as a result, the cable wiring is released by 10 millimeters.
  2. After that, you need to screw the f-connector as tight as possible.
  3. The extra part of the wire needs to be cut off.
  4. Repeat this action with the other end of the cable.
  5. Use the satellite divider.
  6. This divider has three connectors, one of which is designed for a satellite dish, and the other two for receivers.
  7. Now you need to cut off any part of the wire and connect the connectors to it.
  8. These actions must be performed for both receivers.
  9. By connecting both the receiver, as well as the cable to the satellite dish, you can proceed to setting up the channels.

Channel Setup

  1. To set up the channels, you need to press the menu button on the receiver’s remote.
  2. After that, it remains only to select the channel search menu and click "ok."
  3. The program automatically searches for channels and prompts you to save them. The same steps need to be done with another receiver.