How to configure dsl?

Unlimited DSL connection is one of the most popular ways to connect to the world wide web. The speed of such a connection is 5 Mbit / s. Access is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Payment is fixed and depends on the provider. You can find out what DSL is by clicking on the link, but for now let's get down to the settings.

DSL Modem Installation Procedure

We will need a DSL splitter to connect the modem to the telephone line and the DSL modem itself.

  1. Connect the splitter to the line.
  2. We connect a DSL modem and a landline telephone to the splitter.
  3. We connect the cable attached to the router to a personal computer or laptop through the appropriate connector.
  4. If you have Wi-Fi to DSL-modem, you can connect without a cable. Wi-Fi technology must support both devices. The connection order of the splitter in this case remains unchanged.
  5. It happens that a wireless access center with a DSL modem is not a single piece of equipment, then the modem is connected via a cable not to the computer directly, but to the distribution point.

Network configuration

Setting up a DSL connection is usually not a problem.

  1. We check the correctness of the DSL-modem connection to the telephone line and to the PC itself.
  2. Run the CD with the program to configure the equipment. We select the region of use and accept all the terms of the license agreement until the installation is completed.
  3. Click on the "Connection" icon in the notification panel.
  4. Select the task "Network and Sharing Center". If this icon is absent here, we open it through the “Management” window.
  5. Connect and use the network.
  6. To stop using the Internet, click the Connection icon and select the Disconnect task.

Network settings

During the connection process, basically all settings occur in automatic mode. Providers can not always use a DHCP server, so users have to independently make some network parameters necessary for work.

  1. For manual adjustment of the network interface, open the "Network Control Center" window.
  2. Click on the command "Change adapter settings."
  3. Select the desired connection, click "Properties". The work will be useful command "Status" and "Disable".One of them is used to check the quality of the connection, and the second allows you to interrupt it.

DSL Diagnostics

  • DSL connection troubleshooting is performed using several Windows utility utilities.
  • Start it in ipconfig, which displays information about network settings.
  • It is good if the provider is tied to the user's MAC address — this guarantees protection against “Internet theft”.
  • We change the address in case of replacement of the network adapter or computer, and then we report the new address to the administrator.

Network adapter speed limit

By default, the network adapter is configured for 100 Mbps. The problem of frequent disconnection can be solved by limiting the speed. You should not worry about the reduction in speed, because it is almost not noticeable during operation.

  1. In the "Network Control Center" window, select "Change adapter settings".
  2. Click on the LAN adapter.
  3. Select "Properties" - "Customize."
  4. We limit the speed.

Setup complete. You can roam the world wide web.