How to conduct the wiring in a wooden house in 2018

Start the installation of the electrical network in anyhomefollows from the preparation of the project, which should be carried out taking into account the allocated capacity and the expected load. In the project of electrical wiring of a wooden house, the basic requirements for fire safety must be taken into account: the wiring must be external, and electrical cables and other system components must be placed in non-combustible insulating materials.
If a wooden house was built recently, it should be remembered that during the first few years the house shrinks and the supporting structures can roll. Therefore, it is not recommended to laywiringin hard cable ducts that may be damaged along with the cable in them. A plastic corrugated pipe made of non-combustible materials or a rigid plastic pipe, connected by soft inserts in places of bends, are best suited for installation.
When laying an electrical cable, it is impossible to carry out its installation “in-line”, bearing in mind the possible movements of the supporting structures of a wooden house. Switchboard, junction boxes, sockets, switches and lighting devices should be attached to the walls of a wooden house with the use of additional non-combustible elements in the base to avoid possible fires in the event of a spark in the contacts.
Otherwise, the installation of electrical wiring will not differ from the performance of similar work in rooms with supporting structures made of non-combustible materials. Such work should be carried out by specialists with electrical installation experience and the use of appropriate equipment. Observance of all the above rules will save the owner of the house from possible troubles in the future and will allow to protect not only the property, but also the lives of the tenants of the house.