How to collect cars?

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How to collect cars?

Not many people are given the opportunity to see how the car assembly process takes place at the factory. In fact, it is quite interesting.

In Russia, a lot of car factories that do it. Moreover, both domestic cars of the UAZ, KamAZ, ZIL, GAZ brands and various foreign cars of General Motors, Iveco, Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Volkswagen and many others are assembled in Russia. You can read more about the Russian assembly in the article What kind of cars are assembled in Russia.

Let's take a look at how cars are assembled, what procedures and stages each car goes through in order to become absolutely ready for sale at the exit.

Welding Shop

  1. Of course, the production of the car begins with the body. It is in this workshop that all parts are supplied, both from Russia and from other countries, depending on the brand of car with which the personnel of the workshop works. The procedure of delivery and receipt of parts, their purchase and other logistics department deals.
  2. Welding is performed manually, but, in order to avoid defects, the procedure is fully standardized.Moreover, in order to avoid the monotony of work, which increases the risk of a defect, employees are rotated across all stations of the workshop.
  3. Each of the bodies has about 2.8 thousand weld points, so the general procedure consists of seven stages.
  4. First, the engine compartment, front and rear floor, sidewalls and the rest of the floor are welded. After that, with the help of a semiautomatic device, the remaining sidewalls and the roof are joined.
  5. The last stages of assembly are wings, doors, hood, trunk and, accordingly, polishing of the finished body.

Paint shop

This process is considered the most difficult in the whole procedure. Employees are dressed in a special lint-free uniform, the requirements for cleanliness are very high.

  1. First, cleaning, degreasing of the hull and other works are carried out.
  2. Next, apply special water-repellent and sound-absorbing materials.
  3. Special soil is applied, which is fixed in the furnace at high temperature. This shop is as automated as possible, and the paint itself is applied by robots. Next, the car is in the process of drying.

Assembly shop

The operators of this workshop, first of all, apply wax in the waxing chamber to provide additional resistance to corrosion.

All heavy items are also installed using automated equipment. At this stage, the machine is equipped with all the necessary elements for its existence.

In the same workshop, the quality control of the car is carried out: testing for external and internal defects, dynamic testing, and interior sealing testing.

Next, the car is displayed in actual operating conditions and also passes a series of tests, after which it is concluded that the car is suitable. Something like this and collect the car.