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How to choose furniture?

I have a three-leaved cupboard with a depth of 59 cm. Is it possible to attach pencil cases of a lesser depth of 52 cm around it?


Hello! Yes, there is no problem in such placement of furniture, and if the furniture is of the same color, it will look harmonious


You can of course, if you allow the place

If it fits and will look fine, then why not?

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I did it, it looks fine. Furniture from the same series

if it looks okay, then why not

if it will look harmonious, why not, you can still attach a stand for a TV set like thishttps://www.parra.ru/vsya-mebel/tumbi, expensive, but it will look original

of course you can put. the main thing that you like

I also agree that if the furniture is matched in color and style, it will be very interesting to look.

And now I look for branded furniture in the apartment. I want to buy stylish updates.

I am also branded furniturehttps://www.trio.ru/brands/zanotta/bought an apartment. She looks very stylish in the interior.Ordered from an authorized dealer. Therefore, the quality is 100%. With such furniture, any design becomes more interesting)

Nowadays, many people prefer to buy designer furniture options for an apartment.

And through the Internet, where you can order inexpensive furniture?

My furniture was chosen by my husband, I checked all the accessories, I searched through my acquaintances so that there was no marriage

We have stained glass cases in Venetian style, were purchased through the catalog of Jimohttp://gimo-it.ruthe manufacture of canisters from the famous Italian factory Volpi, the equipment and accessories were chosen by themselves.

Make a project and decide on the style in which you want to see your house or apartment.

And we are just going with my wife to buy new housing for themselves. We look at different options here -https://novostroyki.flatfy.ru/new buildings, Voronezh In principle, there are quite a few decent housing options for quite reasonable value. And how they compared the prices of housing in Voronezh and in Moscow, they understood how lucky we were to live not in the capital. And then there we would have collected a million years for an apartment. In Voronezh, we had to cut the budget in order to save up for an apartment. I think in the near future all things will be cheap to order only with aliexpress ...

If there is a place, then of course you can.We have a large wardrobe in the bedroom, we first wanted to buy a new one. Then they polished, varnished, hooked new pens, which they bought inhttps://viyar.by/catalog/ruchki_i_kryuchki_1/and a wardrobe like new.