How to choose an MP3 player correctly

How to choose the MP3 player correctly photoPlayer player different, we make the right choice.

Choosing a good MP3 player



Some time ago, going on the road, I had to take a tape recorder to listen to music. Today, it’s enough to put a small box called an MP3 player in your pocket, and you can listen to music without any problems. In principle, on the one hand, choosing an mp3 player is not so difficult, but on the other hand, each of us faces a problem in choosing when we go into the store and see a huge variety of this wonderful device. Some of them have a large memory, others less. The first can work four to five hours, and the second only a few hours. So how do you make the right choice? Let's try everything in order to deal with us.


First of all you need to know that the MP3 player can be of three types:


  1. CD players.These players play discs, and they do not have their own memory. In diameter, they are approximately 12 centimeters, which is not very convenient.Most manufacturers have completely removed this type of player from production.
  2. Flash player.This type of player has a built-in or removable Flash-memory, where the volumes can be from 128 MB to 64 GB. The weight of such a player is only a few grams, it is very compact and convenient, and is also considered more durable, as it has no moving parts. This player is not afraid of physical contact, that is, damage or impact, you can run, jump, do aerobics and so on.
  3. Hdd playersThe carrier here is a hard magnetic drive. This type of player is capable of storing from 1.5 to 500 GB. It is not always convenient that this player weighs about 100 grams. But still these players are more durable. But with this type of player it is worth treating quite cautiously, since it can not withstand a blow or other mechanical damage. And yet the big plus is that on such a player you can even transfer movies.

Characteristics of mp3 players


Power type mp3 player


Once you have decided on the type of device and the amount of memory in it, you should pay attention to the type of power the player. The player can be on replaceable batteries, as well as have a built-in battery. What is best for you is your own business.


A player running on replaceable batteries is convenient because you can change them at any time. You do not have to look for a source of electricity to continue listening to music. But there is also a minus here - batteries are quite expensive, because they will have to be changed often, especially if you are used to constantly listening to music. The weight and dimensions of the player with batteries are also not small.


As for the player with a built-in battery, while wearing, these batteries are absolutely not visible. The weight and dimensions of such a player will be minimal. But the minus is that the battery needs an electrical network (in case the player is charging by the power supply unit) or a computer (if it is charged via the USB connector). In addition, each built-in battery has a certain number of recharges, after which the player starts to discharge more often and faster. But every year, manufacturers create all the best and best batteries, which are able to survive more than 4000 charges and keep the battery for about 20 hours.
It is also worth paying attention to how much time your chosen player will work without recharging - this is very important.This item can be specified in the technical specification of the player. After all, it is unlikely that someone will acquire a player that will contain more than 5,000 tracks, but at the same time it will work no more than two or three hours. The ratio of memory and battery capacity should be directly proportional. It is worth choosing a player that will work at least six hours. For example, for HDD players, battery life is more than fifteen hours without additional charge.


Display or screen on mp3 player


Display or screen on mp3 player photo iPodThe choice of these indicators should be taken no less seriously than to all other technical characteristics of the player. As a rule, a large number of tracks are stored in the memory of the device, and without the desired display it will be difficult not to get lost in them.


First of all, the display should show the status of the battery. For what would be more convenient, choose a player that shows the name of the tracks and their duration. In order to control the bass, high and low frequencies not only on the computer, but also in the player itself, the equalizer should be displayed on the display.


If you purchase an mp3 player with a hard magnetic drive, pay attention to the fact that the screen would be sufficient for easy viewing of videos and photos.Some players have the ability to read books, for this they have the format * txt. But if you expect to read often and a lot, also pay attention to the size of the display.


Sociability of mp3 player


In other words, it is the ability to control functions, such as deleting or recording on the player itself, as well as the interaction of the player with the computer. Some manufacturers in the kit offer a special program for launching and working with players through a computer. But if you were not at home and wanted to do something on someone else’s computer, then your player will most likely not be determined if there is no special supporting program on the computer. By purchasing a player, you should take care that this program be on the manufacturer’s website. Especially if the disk is accidentally lost.


But still, most modern manufacturers produce MP3-players that go on absolutely any computer without additional installation programs. By the way, such a player can easily be used as the most common flash drive for transferring programs or other information.


We pay attention to the management


Choosing a player, it is worth paying attention to its management. Remember that it should be as clear and simple as possible. Before you buy the player you like, ask the seller to turn it on to you and look at the type of control - it should be clear to you. All the necessary paths should be available so that you do not have to spend a long time studying the instructions. In principle, this is not so important, but still simple management will not bring you discomfort.


Pay attention to the headphones


Pay attention to the headphones photoOne of the main components of the player is the headphones. After all, the sound quality while listening to music directly depends on the quality of the headphones themselves. Quite not comforting fact is that the headphones that are offered in the kit are not the best and their quality wants to be the best. That is why you should take with you headphones that you truly trust and check the sound of the songs on them. It is important to understand that there should be no extraneous sounds, beats or wheezes.


Additional mp3 player features


Modern MP3 players, besides their basic functions, have a number of additional ones.To the main we certainly refer the reproduction of sound, but the additional ones are:


  1. FM radio.It can always come in handy if your playlist is over or simply bored you.
  2. Wi-Fi.This function has an HDD-player. It is convenient because you can download the necessary files right away to the device’s memory without using a computer.
  3. BluetoothThis function allows you to exchange information, such as music, pictures, photos and others, with other devices that also have Bluetooth, that is, a phone, PDA, laptop and so on.
  4. Dictaphone.A very useful component, especially in the case when something needs to be memorized or written down. But still, this function does not shine with great quality, since the microphone is not as sensitive as in real recorders.


Package mp3 player


As a rule, the standard set of the player attached:


  1. Headphones.
  2. USB cable.
  3. Software.
  4. Lace, for comfortable wearing (or other mount, such as a belt).


As for the block from the outlet, it is most likely not included in the kit. And if you do not want to charge the player from the computer, then you should take care to purchase this unit separately.Based on this data, you can choose the MP3 player correctly and with the necessary functions and memory capacity. Good luck.