How to choose a bank for foreign exchange transactions

Choose a bank that has a convenient location. It should be with your workplace or home to make it easier and faster to visit. Also make sure that the working hours of the bank are convenient for you.
Decide which bank is best to contact: large national or small regional. Smaller banks can offer more personalized and affordable services. Large banks have more financial services and opportunities for cooperation, as well as more ATMs in the area.
Visit the local branch of the selected bank and evaluate its level of service. If you notice disappointed customers or incompetent employees, you should think again before opening an account there. If your friends or acquaintances have an account in any particular bank, ask about their opinion.
Explore various options for opening an account.If you need online access to a bank account, or you need a special business account, then find out which bank has the best opportunities for this. Read the information on the Internet and compare the proposed options.
Consider whether you will need specialized financial services in the future. If you need international money transfers or business loans, find out if your bank offers these types of services.
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If you work for employers such as a large auto or airline, public educational institutions or other corporations, do not forget that sometimes they have their own credit unions. They usually provide additional bonuses and options compared to standard bank services.
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Consider whether you need services such as overdraft protection, direct deposits or other additional packages.