How to check unstressed vowels?

Before checking an unstressed vowel, make sure in the root whether it is at the root of the word, because if a vowel belongs to a suffix or, for example, to a prefix, then you will need to check it in a completely different way. There are several ways to check unstressed vowels at the root.

Rules for certain roots

First, it is worth checking whether the root of the word being checked belongs to a group of roots with an alternating vowel: ber-bir, -dier-deer, -glare-brilliance, -har-gore, -zar-zor, -fig-jig, -clan-clone -kak-kos, -lag-l, -mer-peace, -mak-mok, -plav-plov, -per-feast, -rast-rasch-ros, -ravn-ravn, -skak-skoch, -term shooting gallery, tvar-creator, chet-cheat If among the listed there is a root you need, then you should act like this.

In such roots: gloss-shine, ter-tyr, ber-bir, per-pir, der-dir, mer-peace, burned, chet-chit - the letter �i� is written if the root is followed by the suffix -a-. Example: glitter - shines.

In the roots of the gar-hor, zaz-zor, floating-plov, if there is stress, it is written "a", if not - "o". For example, tanning is tan.Exceptional words: swimmer, swimmer.

In the roots: der-dir, gloss-blister, burn-in, ber-bir, ter-tyr, mer-peace and chet-chit, the letter �and� is written only if the suffix -� stands after the root. For example: tear up - rip off. Exception words: combine, combination.

If after the root is -n-, then in the root -kas - (- kos-) the letter �o� is written. For example, touch - touch.

The letter "a" is written in the root -mak - (- wet-) in the event that it refers to an action performed with a liquid (dunk, for example). If the action takes place gradually, then the letter �o� is used at the root (it gets wet).

If among the listed roots there is no one you need, then you need to follow the further instructions on how to check the writing of unstressed vowels in the root.

We select a single word

In order to learn how to check the spelling of unstressed vowels in the root (this method can also be used to check vowels in other parts of the word, by the way), you can use one very easy method - selecting a single-root word. For example: check - check. It is necessary to choose a single-root test word in which the checked vowel will be under the stress and, therefore, will be heard well.

If the checked word with the same name is ���, then the letter �e� is put in the word you need.The unstressed vowel can also be checked at the root by choosing a slightly different form of the word you need. For example: reconcile - the world. If this method did not suit you, see the following.

We search in the dictionary

If an unstressed vowel in a root being tested cannot be verified by any of the above methods, then it is necessary to use a spelling dictionary. Well, in general, absolutely any Russian dictionary can be useful for checking the required letter.

In addition, many words that come to us from other languages can be checked using the dictionary of this language. For example, the French kapjushon in Russian will be written like: a hood.

Following all these simple rules, you can easily and correctly write the right word. A little practice, and all these simple rules will be �included� in your head automatically. Read more literature to keep correct word forms in your head, then your literacy will become automatic.