How to bewitch at a distance?

If a lover or a lover does not even look in your direction, and life without this person does not make sense to you, then you can consider options for a magical effect on the object of passion. With proper conduct of the ceremony you will become inseparable. In magic, there is such a thing as a love spell at a distance: it is best to use it in this case.

How to charm a person at a distance?

First of all, you should know that the love spell belongs to black magic, because during this magical effect a will is suppressed in a person. But if it does not bother you and you are ready for anything that the beloved is near, then you can use this method.

To bewitch a guy or a girl from a distance, the following attributes are required:

  • 1 wax candle of black color;
  • any thing a loved one;
  • plasticine or clay;
  • a sheet of white paper;
  • 3 small needles.

The ritual must be performed in silence, indoors. It is very important that no one bothers you, otherwise the consequences could be catastrophic.First of all, you should blind the doll (volt) of the person you are thinking about. Then light a candle and wrap a volt in his thing. If you could not get the thing lover, it is allowed to use his photograph, but on it he must be captured alone. Now take the needles in your hands and read the text of the spell: “(Name of the chosen one or the chosen one), pin me to me, fall in love with me, pretend, wake up with me. Don't look at others, love me. ”

After reading the magic words, heat the first needle over the candle and stick it into the head of the doll. The second needle can be inserted into any place on the Volta. The third needle must be inserted into the region of the heart. Do not be afraid, these actions will not bring a person harm, he will not feel physical pain. At the end of the ritual, remove the needles from the volt, wrap them in paper and try to find a hard-to-reach place so that they are kept there for a long time.

Ritual with a cigarette

Those who smoke can bewitch a man or a woman at a distance with the help of a ritual with a cigarette. It is quite simple, but very effective. So, for it will need the following items:

  • 1 red pen;
  • matches;
  • 1 cigarette

Sit in a chair and relax. Think of your loved one, remember his smile, eyes, gestures. Then take the red pen and write the name of the beloved on the cigarette. After that, smoke a cigarette, thinking about it.

A few days later the spell will take effect. A loved one will begin to show signs of attention. Over time, his feelings for you will only become stronger. More tips on how to charm a loved one can be found here.

Candle Ritual

To charm a girl or a boy in the distance, you can spend a ritual with a candle. However, you need to do it for 40 days. Only in this case, you can achieve results. So, for the love spell will need the following things:

  • 40 red candles;
  • picture of a loved one.

This ritual must be performed at midnight. It will be necessary to light one candle and take a snapshot of your beloved in your hands, but with which he should be captured alone. Bring a photo to the candle and start thinking about how happy you will be together. It is important to experience the emotions of happiness, because your wish has come true. You need to meditate until the candle burns out. After that, you can go to sleep, putting a photo of a person under the pillow.

For 40 days you must tirelessly perform this ritual. The clearer your pictures in your head, the faster the magic will work. For this reason, you need to live in your thoughts life with your loved one. The results of your activity may appear in a week. The beloved or the beloved will communicate more with you. You also should not get lost, you need to show your feelings, spend more time with each other.

After 40 days, you will become simply inseparable, the main thing is not to give up the ritual, otherwise a person may suddenly cool to you, and you will be left with nothing. Of course, you can repeat the magical actions, but they can not give the result. Indeed, in magic discipline and strict observance of the rules is important. Follow them and be happy.