How to change spark plugs in Kia Rio

Scheduled replacement of candles

If you decide to replace the candles yourself, you must have minimal skills and knowledge. But if you are not confident in your abilities, provide such an important process to a professional. The stage of replacing the spark plugs is as follows:
1. Take a 10 mm end cap and immediately unscrew the 3 screws on the engine cover. After carefully unscrew the oil filler cap so as not to completely remove, but only a few turns. You remove a case design of the motor and clean aside.
2. Now you need to take the key for 16 mm for candles. Carefully and carefully remove the high-voltage caps, and then alternately unscrew all the candles. Do not forget to keep them just for the caps, otherwise the wires may break and then the troubles and material costs will increase. Remove the candles and carefully inspect from all sides for damage.
3. If you notice a black soot on the surface of the candle, then there is a chance that the fuel-air mixture prevails. If the patches are red, then there is an excess of lead additives in the candles.Replace only with original candles purchased from a representative of the Kia brand. Never be stingy to spend more money on high-quality motor oil, otherwise replacing candles will become a regular procedure.
4. To prevent the candles from fusing to the cylinder head of the engine, it is necessary to use graphite grease. With this mixture, we envelop the upper part of the thread of the candle, thus facilitating the simplification of the next unscrewing. Do not use brute force, otherwise you can simply break part of the candle.
5. Connect the high-voltage caps, re-tighten the spark plugs and replace the cover from the engine cover.

A warning

It is not recommended to do:
- you can not get under the hood of the car, if behind you have no experience;
- no matter how ridiculous and silly it may sound, but do not forget to turn off the ignition before opening the lid of the engine case;
- you can not insert candles from another car, if the brand is not similar;
- it is impossible to smoke at the time of replacement of candles;
- You can not carry out such a manipulation, if you do not have any idea about the details and principle of operation.
With a great desire to understand the system and carry out the replacement yourself, follow all the steps under the control of people who understand the stuffing and car repairs.