How to catch on the Volga?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
November 11, 2014
How to catch on the Volga?

Summer is the most long-awaited time for those who like to fish. You can go on nature with your family or friends. Morning and evening to devote to fishing, and the rest of the time enjoy the charms of nature. But for many, winter fishing is a long-awaited event. What fish is found in the Volga, when and where to catch it, you will learn from our article.

What and when to catch

An experienced fisherman knows that a fish bites at different times of the year. January-February are the best months for real winter ice fishing. If you are lucky, you can even catch catfish and carp. In March, in just a few hours you can catch a full tank of fish. It is well caught on the zander, pike and perch. Roach, podleschik, vobla, rudd, sabrefish perfectly peck at the donkey.

In April you can catch a pike perch with a jig, the size of which in these places reaches 8-10 kg. Som and asp are beginning to catch on the sly. In the nearby lakes is the time to "hunt" for pike and perch.

In May, the fish spawns actively.Local experts say that at this time it seems that in some places there are more fish than water. May - it's time to catch carp and bream. Yes, and from other fish there will be no release.

All summer you can catch asp, rudd, bream, perch, carp, catfish on the Volga. The pike perch is better caught at the end of June, the pike on the river itself is also found, but it bites badly. In July, it is best to fish at night or in the morning / evening dawn. This is the hottest month of the year, and during the day the fish only bite on cloudy days.

In September and October, the bite of pike and perch revives. Now is the time to "hunt" for predatory fish - asp and carp. Som has not gone into the pits, and therefore it is caught in shallow water. On the bottom can get bream. In November pike perch is best caught, the rest of the fish bite weakly. Although experienced fishermen know the tricks where to find a catfish. He is caught on a frog and live bait in deep pits.

From December ice fishing begins. The predatory fish is still well caught. Patient fishermen will definitely come across a dace, sabrefish, roach.

Fishing on the Volga River is beautiful at any time of the year. Do not be lazy to get out into nature more often, and she will generously give you gifts.

How to catch

In order to catch fish and have fun, you need to choose a suitable place and feed a little fish. After 5-10 minutes you can start fishing.The best places are in the lower reaches of the river.