How to care for hyacinth?

If a hyacinth appeared in your home in a flower pot, then the question is inevitable how to care for it? How to care for a hyacinth, while it blooms, what to do with it, when the plant has faded, is it possible to save the hyacinth for re-flowering? Let's deal with the features of care for this bulbous plant.


Hyacinth is a very suitable plant for forcing, that is, growing flowers to a certain date (season). Like other indoor plants, hyacinths are grown in pots. How to care for them in the process of forcing?

Distillation (from planting to flowering) of hyacinths takes about two and a half months. And if you decide to grow these flowers, for example, by March 8, then you need to plant the bulbs in the middle of January. If you want to have blooming hyacinths for the New Year holidays, the distillation should begin in the fall.

For planting, you need to purchase strong and large onions, whose diameter will be at least 5 centimeters, and pots or boxes about 10 centimeters high, at the bottom of which make drainage holes.Fill the containers with ordinary flower soil or soil intended for bulbous plants. A drainage layer is poured on the bottom of the pot, a small layer of sand is laid on top, and then the ground is poured.

The bulbs are buried in the soil so that their tops rise above the ground by about 3 centimeters. If several bulbs are planted in a box, they are placed at a distance of 2.5 centimeters from each other. Around the bulbs the soil is compacted, watered, and then poured a layer of clean sand with a height of no more than 1 centimeter.

The pots with the bulbs are covered with transparent containers or plastic bags with air holes and put them in a dark cool (5-7 ° C) place for 8 weeks.

When the shoots stretch about 3-5 centimeters, the pots are moved to a warmer (about 12 ° C) shaded place for a few days. After that, the transparent shelter is removed, and the flowers are moved to the window. With the advent of the first buds, hyacinths are moved to a permanent place.

Care during flowering

Potted hyacinth is a home flower. How to care for him, what conditions to create, to make the plant feel comfortable?

Flowering hyacinths need good lighting, but are afraid of the direct sun. Therefore, they need a bright but diffused light. The most optimal temperature for these plants is not less than 15 and not more than 20 degrees. So, the light and temperature are selected, the home hyacinth has taken its permanent place, how to care for it further?

Like all bulbous, hyacinths do not like waterlogging. With an excess of moisture, the bulbs may start to rot. Therefore, it is necessary to water hyacinths as the soil dries, only after its top layer has completely dried out (before the roots begin). For better flowering, pots of flowers every 2-3 days should be turned to the light source on different sides.

Every one and a half, two weeks, flowering hyacinths are fed with complex fertilizers (liquid solution) or fertilizers for flowering plants. After feeding, the soil is slightly loosened. To extend the flowering period, pots with hyacinths are placed in a cool place for the night. With proper care, hyacinths will bloom for 2-3 weeks.

Leaving after flowering

A faded hyacinth is still a living hyacinth. How to care after flowering for this plant? When the flowers wither, the bulb continues to be watered and fed for another month.After that, feeding is stopped completely, and watering is gradually reduced, reducing it to nothing. When the leaves on the plant are dry, they are removed, and the bulb is removed from the soil, cleaned from the ground, dried and cleaned in a refrigerator until next season. These bulbs are used for re-forcing only after 1-2 years.

How to care for hyacinths now you know! So please yourself and your loved ones with these delicate flowers with amazing aroma. Good luck!