How to call an ambulance in Moscow?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
April 19, 2015
How to call an ambulance in Moscow?

Being in a megalopolis, such as Moscow, you need to know where to go when an emergency situation arises. Calling an ambulance is no exception, as a call can often decide the fate of a person.

So, how to call an ambulance in Moscow?

Emergency Call Numbers

Depending on which device you are calling from, the number set may differ.

  • Home phone. From the home phone, you can reach the emergency room by dialing 103.
  • Mobile phone. Mobile phones also allow you to dial in to ambulance by dialing 103. But if your mobile device does not support dialing two- or three-digit numbers, then you can put an asterisk after the number - 103 *. In addition, representatives of cellular communication also have their numbers: for example, MTS, MEGAFON and TELE2 - 103 or 030, Beeline - 103 and 003. For more information about this, see the article How to call an ambulance from a mobile.
    Also, from a mobile phone, you can call the unified rescue service at number 112: the dispatcher, having heard you, must send the nearest ambulance.
  • Payphone. To call an ambulance via a payphone, you must also dial the number 103 or 03. Calls are free.

It is worth noting that the numbers should always be in memory or at hand, so that at the right moment you do not waste time searching for them.