How to call a mermaid?

Oh, these sea maidens, so beautiful and sad, well known to all of us from fairy tales and myths, promising death to any unwary traveler. In fairy tales, these are mostly beautiful girls who have a human upper body, and a fishtail instead of legs. Mermaids are spirits of water that inhabit the reservoirs and float to the surface on moonlit nights. Every nation has its own ideas and beliefs about mermaids, but they all agree that you can call mermaids and ask for their help. Let's see how to call a mermaid, according to ancient superstitions.

Mermaids, like any rational creature, can be kindly or negatively adjusted towards a person, so in order to appease them, you need to have some gift with you, best of all, an ornament made of natural materials.

Rituals, how to call a mermaid at the reservoir

Method number 1

In order to call a mermaid, you will need in the evening at full moon to go to the shore of the nearest reservoir. In order for a mermaid to be kind, and disposed to help you, bring along gifts for a mermaid - a wooden comb,best of all new, and any decoration from seashells. Set yourself by the water, and let your hair loose, start combing it with a comb. Throw the hair on the comb into the water with the words:

“Hair, my hair! Draw me the spirit of the waters! That the mermaid sailed, yes comb helped "

You can not look into the water, and then the mermaid can drag you under the water. After asking her about everything you wanted, throw gifts into the water. who brought with them.

Method number 2

At full moon, at night, come to the pond, go knee-deep into the water, and clapping your hand with water, so that the reflection of the moon will ripple, say:

"You, mermaid, daughter of water, come to my call to me!

Tell me your secrets and share your secret. "

Method number 3

You can call the mermaid with the help of a necklace made of shells. You will need an odd number of shells from which you will make a necklace. Put the necklace on a stone protruding from the water and say:

“Mermaid, here's a present for you! Come, take it, reward me! ”

How to call a mermaid at home

Method number 1

Pour water into the basin, put it on the floor, turn off the light in the room and sit near the pelvis in the lotus position. Say the words three times:

"Mermaid, come!"

If the water in the pelvis has become warmer, then a mermaid spirit has visited you. Say your wish and the mermaid will fulfill it.

Method number 2

Put water in the bottle at the entrance door and hang candy over it. Extinguish the light and say five times:

"Mermaid, come!"

If the candy disappears, it means - a mermaid came to you at the call.