How to call a cow?

Oksana Alikina
Oksana Alikina
February 1, 2013
How to call a cow?

A number of studies were conducted at the University of Newcastle, UK, which showed that the yield of cows was directly proportional to her nickname. That is, how to call a cow is one of the main decisions and that will determine your well-being in the future. Appealing to a cow by name or nickname stimulates her to produce more milk approximately seven hundred grams per day, and in a year it goes, plus 258 liters to the main milk yield. True, there may be minor corrections in view of the individuality of each cow.

How to choose a cow name

The care, attention and warmth of a person who cares for a beast cannot be replaced by any modern technology or various derived synthetic hormones that increase milk yield in cows. Names for cows by our ancestors were given for a reason, but only those that corresponded to a given cow or bull. As the grandmother calls the cow: Pestrus, Burenka, Chernukha, Buyan, etc. Our grandmothers, grandfathers, great-grandmothers, etc.They always treated their pets with warmth and care, which they received with great interest back to the high productivity of milk, and even of the highest quality.

Nowadays, many farmers have abandoned such habits of our ancestors, and those who remained faithful to them remain in profit. If the farmer gives the nickname to a cow or a bull, then he will automatically change his attitude to the animal. He begins to perceive him as a rational being, which requires attention, care and patience. Yes, but we must not forget about the proper care and decent maintenance of large cattle. All the necessary requirements must be met for a comfortable stay of animals in the barn, if possible, walking pastures to graze, where they themselves can nibble on fresh, juicy grass.

Only when a person makes every effort to create a full range for the favorable maintenance of animals and will treat them with love and attention, he will be able to get the highest level of milk yields and milk quality.

So, to summarize, how to call a cow:

  • can be by habits (Brykuha, Baltukha ...);
  • by character (Silent, Violent, Fun ...);
  • by month of birth (Augustine, Junka ...);
  • by coloring (Chernushka, Pestruha, Ryabushka ...);
  • on the pagoda in which the calf or calf was born (Nochka, Dawn, Snowball ...);
  • by any female name, the choice is huge here (Nyusha, Masha, Dusya ...)
  • they just gave a funny (funny) nickname (Baby, Dragonfly, Shot glass ...).

The choice of nicknames depends only on the choice of its owner. But we must always remember: "As the cattle name, you will get this result." The main name is to choose with love and care for the calf or calf. From birth, to accustom to his nickname. For this you need to pronounce the nickname many times, as if communicating, gently and gently. Only in this way after some time the animal will respond to its nickname and fulfill the commands of its owner.