How to calculate the area of ​​the room?

Repair of the room will require you, first of all, accurate knowledge of all the parameters of the room, because you will need to buy a sufficient amount of building and finishing materials.

To learn how to properly evaluate the parameters of the room, read further in the article.

Plain rectangular room

Everything is very simple here. The formula will look like this: S = AxB, where S is the area of ​​the room, A is its length and B is the width. You need to measure by sex - it will be easier.

You will need to use the partner to make the appropriate measurements. You can do the work yourself, but then take a pencil, because alone you will have to take measurements in small segments, which means you will have to mark the already measured meters.

If you need to calculate the quadrature specifically of the walls (for example, if you need to know how many rolls of wallpaper to buy), then you will need to use the formula S = AxH, where A is the length of the room (it is the length of the wall), H is the height of the room (it is the width walls). This will need to be done both for larger and smaller walls, and then add up the numbers and multiply the resulting number by 2.Only from the resulting figure subtract the area of ​​windows and doors, if you do not need them for calculations.

Also thinking about how to calculate the area of ​​the room, do not forget about any projections and niches. If you plan to include such interior details in general calculations, then you will need to add a separate ledge / niche area to the base area. If you do not want to engage in finishing this element, then it will be necessary to exclude its quadrature from the general calculations.

Round or oval room

For a round room, we will use the simplest formula known since schooltime: S = πхR2, where π is a mathematical constant equal to 3.14 (in abbreviated form) and R is the radius of the circle.

For an ellipse, the formula will look like this: S = π x A x B, where π is the same number, equal to 3.14 units, A is the length of the major semiaxis of the ellipse and B is the length of the minor semiaxis.

In both cases, the greatest difficulty will be determining the center of the circle / ellipse underlying your room. After all, without this, you will not be able to determine either the length of the radius or the length of its “analog” - the semi-axis.

Room complex configuration

To calculate the area of ​​a room of a complex configuration (having triangular, square, rectangular, circular elements), it will be necessary to calculate the area separately for each of its elements.Formulas will look like this:

  • Triangle: S = ½ AxH, where A is the length of the side of the triangle, H is the height drawn to this side.
  • Square: S = a2where a is the side of the square.
  • Rectangle: S = AxB.
  • Rhombus: S = A x H, where A is the length of the rhombus side, H is the height lowered on this side.

After you have only to lay together the area of ​​all segments of the room or only some of them.

Measuring devices

The simplest helper, which will surely be found in every home, will be a centimeter. True, because of its subtlety and flexibility, it will not be very effective, especially if you work alone. Therefore, we advise you to replace it with a tape measure. Moreover, more convenient in the work will be such a model that allows you to fix the tape.

Roulette is inexpensive, it is very easy to find in any hardware store, and in the outlet of the “1000 trifles” type. This device will suit you if you do not need to perform very accurate measurements. If necessary, you can combine a tape measure with a level to be sure that you measured strictly vertical or strictly horizontal lines.

If you need a truly effective professional measurement tool, then your choice is a laser tape measure.It is a small electronic sensor. It should be placed on a flat surface at the point from which you plan to measure. Turning on the device, you will see that it sent a thin red laser beam forward. By varying the position of the sensor, you can find out the distance from its position to any other point in the room. All data will be displayed on the screen.

Among the advantages of laser roulette: ease of use (all measurements in minutes you can do without assistance), high accuracy, the ability to quickly measure even the most difficult parts of the room. But minus one - this is a significantly higher price compared to the classic roulette.