How to buy a plane ticket?

A long-awaited vacation trip is coming, and now you have a question: how to buy a plane ticket, because this type of transport is much faster than a train, or a bus, especially when it comes to traveling long distances.

Ways: how to buy a plane ticket

  1. Purchase at the airline ticket office of the city in which you are located, or at the airline ticket office at the airport.
  2. Buying over the Internet.
  3. Buying through travel agencies.

Let us dwell on all options. The easiest option for you will be to go to the airline ticket office, in which you will be helped with the choice, and will arrange everything without your direct participation. The same thing awaits you at the travel agency, just do not forget to bring your passport with you when you go to buy air tickets. However, this option may be inconvenient, since you have to get there, plus everything, these are the most expensive options for buying a ticket.

To make a purchase via the Internet, you need a bank card of the payment system Master Card or Visa Classic, various airlines accept other options, but these cards, as a rule, accept everything.

Before you buy a ticket, you need to choose the most suitable flight.It is better to use special comparison sites, for example, on which results for different airlines are issued on your request, in addition, you can use the services of brokers, for example, from which, you can also buy tickets for different airlines. It often happens that the broker's price is even lower than that of the airline. This is due to the provision of special conditions for brokers to sell tickets. After you have chosen the airline that suits you, you need to find its official website and book tickets, following the prompts of the website, usually the following steps:

  • Selection of dates and flight.
  • View flight data, familiarize and accept transportation, and purchase tickets.
  • Entering data about passengers, different companies have different data, usually name, phone number, e-mail, and you may need passport data. At the same stage, you can maintain a code for a discount, or a card number for the accumulation of miles.
  • Payment of tickets.
  • Receive confirmation and e-tickets.

Before you buy a ticket from a broker or airline, we advise you to read reviews about it, and carefully study the contract of carriage.In addition, you often want to save on the flight, so the question arises: how to buy a plane ticket cheaper.

Tips: how to buy a cheaper ticket

  • Flights start selling a year before the departure date. The sooner you buy a ticket, the better the price will be.
  • Track airline stocks.
  • Buy a return ticket at once.
  • Connecting flights are usually cheaper.
  • Buying via the Internet is more profitable, since the air ticket offices and agencies have their own markup
  • Buy tickets on cheap airlines, in the so-called "low cost" or "discounter"
  • Play with the dates of departure and arrival, because for flights from Friday to Monday prices, as well as on pre-holiday days, are usually higher.

Now, you know how to buy a plane ticket is the most profitable. Successful to you of purchases and interesting travel!