How to build muscle?

Almost all young people dream of building muscle. Someone attends the gym, someone diligently rests on protein food. And at the same time only a few think about how to build muscle properly and safely for health. And perhaps this is only with an integrated approach, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

How to quickly build muscle at home

First of all, it is necessary to figure out exactly how the muscles grow and what is required for the intensive growth of muscle mass. Find out the information you can from our article - How to grow muscle. Start building muscle mass should be with the organization of proper nutrition, but it is important and planning intensive training and rest. Consider each element of this complex separately.

How to eat

Everyone knows that muscles need protein, but not everyone knows how to properly use proteins during their buildup. Protein (eggs, fish, lean meat, cottage cheese, tofu, soy, bean products) should be consumed an hour before workouts and 2 hours later.It is best to combine its intake with the use of low-carb vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, broccoli). On average, fast and effective muscle building requires 2-3 grams of protein per 1 kg of initial weight.

Many young people seeking to gain muscle as fast as possible begin to use special protein shakes. They really are quite effective, but only if used correctly. Here it is necessary to take into account not only the recommendations of the manufacturer, but also the amount of pure protein eaten per day, without such additives.

You should not neglect fruits, herbs and vegetables, because they contain vital body fiber, vitamins and minerals. The main thing is to limit their daily consumption to 200 grams.

Unfortunately, many in the period of building muscle mass refuse to eat fat. This is wrong: fats should be reduced to 10% of the total daily diet. Preference is best given to vegetable and olive oils, nuts and low-fat sour cream.

Great importance is played and properly compiled diet. More about him, about the importance of drinking regime,As well as other products that contribute to building muscle, you will learn from our article - What to eat to build muscle.

Correct training

It should be remembered that the muscles will grow only if the training is progressive. Simply put, over time, you should either increase the complexity of physical exertion, or increase the number of repetitions. For example, if initially each exercise is performed 10 times in three repetitions, then over time the number of repetitions should be increased to an average of 10, and the number of exercises per repetition to 30.

But these rules apply mostly to men. To build muscle girl, it will be enough to increase the number of repetitions to 5, and the number of exercises performed at a time - up to 20.

The most effective exercises to build muscle are: bench press, pulling up on the bar, floor press, dumbbells, press, pulling with direct and reverse grip, and some others. The specific set of exercises will depend on exactly which part of the body you need to build muscle mass. So, if you are wondering how to build muscle in your arms, the most effective exercises will be a barbell bench press, dumbbells, as well as direct and reverse twisting on a horizontal bar.

And it is also very important to remember that you can quickly build up muscles only if the workouts are 3-4 times a week, and their duration is at least one hour.

The mistake of many beginner home bodybuilders are high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. When building muscles, they should be abandoned altogether, at least at the initial stage.

But training and proper nutrition alone are not enough to effectively build muscle. It is necessary to be able to rest properly and fully. And this can be done only by correctly drawing up the schedule of your day.

Proper rest

First of all, attention should be paid to full daily sleep. Sleep per day should be 7-8 hours. During this time, your muscles will be able to relax and recover. For more information about the benefits of sleep, you can learn from our article - How to grow muscle.

And it is also very important to be able to relax, especially after a workout. You can safely read a book, chat with friends or do any other business that does not require the maximum waste of energy. After all, it was not without reason noted that the calmer athletes have a much more impressive muscle mass.

By following these simple, but very important and effective tips, you can quickly and efficiently build muscle at home.