How to breed a person?

At all times there were gullible people. Also, all kinds of scammers who want to get easy money are always spinning around them. Gradually, their frauds became well-known, but this does not mean that the number of scams decreased. Swindlers invent ingenious schemes that come across more and more victims. Of course, fraud is a criminal offense, but it is very difficult to catch rogues, because many have time to cover their tracks before the deceived person understands what happened. Moreover, you should not hope that a conman in your case will make a mistake, because these are rather prudent and resourceful people with whom it is better not to have any business.

The surest way to avoid trouble is awareness of how “a divorce for money” is and how lohotron act.

  1. No need to trust people in the form, focusing only on their appearance, you should always ask for a certificate. Situations are common when two “policemen” approach a person, asking for documents, and the wallet disappears as a result of this “check”.
  2. There are more large-scale manipulations with disguise.For example, a “buyer” enters the store and pays a fake bill. The seller responds to this and presses a panic button. Immediately, people in uniform arrive and withdraw from the cash register all bills of dignity corresponding to the fake, and are removed for examination. These law enforcement officers appear after the seller notices that the wire of the signal button has been deliberately cut.
  3. Divorces on the telephone are common when a pleasant voice informs the receiver of an unexpected prize in the lottery of a valuable prize. However, to get it, you need to pay a certain amount ...
  4. Often there are cases of scam associated with real estate. So a partially capable owner of the apartment periodically sells it, but the deal breaks down every time. At the same time, the advance remains with the fraudster. Also, attackers can rent an apartment for a month, forge a residence permit and “retake” it from themselves to several tenants. After which they disappear, taking with them the advance payments.
  5. Sophisticated minds of criminals sometimes force our smaller brothers to get on the slippery criminal path: they train dogs to snatch handbags from women, already frightened by animals running on them.
  6. In newspapers, you can find announcements about an interesting vacancy (for example, a job abroad), but in order to get a job, the applicant needs to send a small amount of money to the proposed account for labor-related expenses. Naturally no work exists.

How to breed people on things?

Byword is the sale of non-pure domestic animals, which with the help of paints and scissors give the appearance of valuable breeds.

Sometimes in order to extract any amount of money from passers-by, scam artists organize a small show. They present themselves as television (local) employees and say they are carrying out an advertising campaign for a large amount. For a long time, the hapless passer is interrogated, and then they offer to buy a set of something firm, worth tens of thousands, say, for only 2,000 as a thank you for participating in an advertising company. A person agrees and receives several colorful boxes in which he finds, for example, bricks and waste paper at home.

The owners of the apartment can themselves let in to themselves the thieves posing as emergency workers, or, say, Santa Claus or other fairy-tale characters on the eve of the New Year holiday.

Car theft may also occur in front of the owner.So, to the driver, sitting in a car with an open window, a boy runs up and spits relishly to his face. The driver, in a frenzy, jumps out of the car in order to bring down the fair punishment on the insolent head. While he is doing this, his swallow is hijacked by a crook.

Situations in which you can be a victim of scammers, a great many. Fraudsters are able to perfectly creep into trust and masterfully use various psychological techniques. Despite the fact that "a divorce for money" is a criminal offense, there will always be people who want to get easy prey. In order not to become a member of the scam, you need to constantly maintain vigilance and self-control. If you know how to breed a person, you will be able to avoid a situation where you yourself will find yourself in the place of a “divorcing person”.