How to block the port?

Natalia Gredyushko
Natalia Gredyushko
February 7, 2013
How to block the port?

Not all of us are computer experts. So, Internet users often have a problem with how to block a port, which is a hindrance to work on a computer when they access the Internet. At the same time, often this task is not facing a professional, but an ordinary user who does not understand technical subtleties and simply does not know where to start. It should be immediately noted that blocking ports is quite simple and, following simple instructions, you can very quickly get the desired result. At the same time, no special technical skills and knowledge are required.


There is such a program as a firewall, there are simply a huge number of them. For example, on the site you can find a lot of links that you can go to the section with the software. In addition, various firewalls on the Internet can be found abound, they can be paid and free.

Comodo firewall

To block ports using, for example, Comodo Firewall, you should install it first. However, at the very beginning, you need to remove all other similar programs so that a conflict does not arise. Installation is simple, as for all other Windows programs. You should read the information and click the "Next" button. The final settings should be set to "automatic". The program will be ready to work after the system is rebooted.

After the first launch of the program, it will be necessary to decide: which programs allow access to the Internet, and which do not. To do this, in the special window, opposite the list of programs, set the status to “allow” or “deny”. If for a particular program status changes are not foreseen in the future, then you need to add a tick where it is suggested to “remember the answer for this application”. In some cases, to block a port in Windows XP, you will need a special driver. It, if desired, can be searched and downloaded from the Internet.

And it can be easier

However, before puzzling over special programs, you can try to use the built-in features of the operating system.In the properties of the connection, you should go to the Internet protocol, then properties - in addition - parameters - filtering - properties. After that, there will be a proposal to enable filtering. There you can select the necessary programs and thus limit access to the Internet, for some of them.

Thus, it becomes clear that the problem of how to block ports is solved quite simply. It is only important to know what should have an outlet in and out, and what not, follow the instructions and tick off where necessary.