How to believe in yourself?

Human capabilities are directly dependent on how confident he is in his abilities. Many decent, smart, strong people give up their dreams, remain in the shadows and can not take a worthy place in society just because they constantly doubt themselves. Therefore, it will be about how to believe in yourself, no matter what.

Do not demand too much from yourself

Excessive demands on themselves are detrimental to self-esteem. In addition to constant failures due to unreasonably difficult tasks assigned to himself, a person who demands too much from himself is always tormented by self-flagellation. In such a situation, self-esteem falls lower and lower. This is a vicious circle from which you can exit only by rethinking your life.

Instead of setting incredibly lofty goals and then killing without achieving the desired, it is better to accomplish a small and modest feat, and then praise yourself for your efforts.

Avoid radical thoughts

An obstacle in reaching new heights is often the habit of thinking on the principle of "all or nothing."That is why we quit half-finished unfinished business, and then we feel insecure in new undertakings, or even abandon them altogether. Having missed one workout, a person quits playing sports. By making imperfect strokes of paint on canvas or falsifying a musical instrument, he puts an end to his talent. Meanwhile, this attitude to life deprives us of a lot.

Instead of going all-in, you need to accept that irregular workouts are less effective, but still useful. Blots in the works are just a reason for more practice, and an imperfect picture is better than a discarded canvas.


Learn to distinguish the really important from the minor. Do not try to cover at the same time a huge number of "urgent" cases. Do not attach too much importance to matters that do not deserve.

Without setting priorities correctly, we risk spending a huge amount of vital resources on trifles, while at the same time losing sight of what is really important. As a result, disappointment in oneself comes and it seems that all efforts were in vain.

Do not be dependent on the opinions of others

Man is a social being, and therefore we cannot avoid dependence on someone else's opinion. However, sometimes the importance of what they think of us can become a painful fix idea. In this case, someone else's opinion can replace your own. A person who is always concerned with approval from the side, is not able to independently resolve issues and commit acts. To believe in yourself, you need to accept the fact that people around are not perfect, they can make mistakes, including those concerning your personality.

Be aware of your advantages.

Focusing on the ghostly ideal, which is difficult to match, a person does not change for the better, but only becomes stronger in his insecurity. To achieve success, you need to identify their own capabilities. To do this, remember about your achievements more often, watch your small successes and experiment, gradually raising the bar.

Recall what brings you joy, renew an abandoned hobby, develop in the direction in which it is interesting and easy to do.

Do not complicate simple things.

Many aspects of life are as complex as we care about them.Scientific experiments proved that the same mathematical problem can be unbearable for students, frightened in advance by its complexity, and easy for those whom it was presented to be simple and elementary. Try to make life easier; Remember, most of the obstacles are only in your head.

Feel the inner change

Sometimes there is nothing harder than to believe in yourself again, for a person stuck in the past and evaluating his abilities by the standards of adolescence or childhood. We must not forget that the difficulties in meeting girls in their youth or their inability to repel a bully in childhood are problems that should not determine the life of an adult.

Many people manage to carry with them the burden of all obsolete problems and past weaknesses. To prevent this from happening, you need to adequately assess yourself and separate the past from the present.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

Often, self-doubt begins with dissatisfaction with one’s appearance, and the fear of making decisions is a reflection of poor physical well-being. Being fully engaged in his health, a person feels positive changes in all aspects of life.

In addition, scientists proved the direct relationship of sport with increased self-esteem.It is believed that at the moment when a person discovers new possibilities of his body, internal insecurity disappears.