How to behave if your luggage is lost at the airport?

Unfortunately, almost every third passenger has to deal with the loss of baggage: it is regrettable when you don't find your suitcase on the baggage claim tape. Of course, this situation is an unpleasant phenomenon, but still there is no need to panic, because you still have every chance of returning your precious bag in the near future.

Moreover, according to statistics, about 85% of all lost luggage is found on the very first day of searching!

We will talk about what to do if luggage is lost and how to behave properly at the airport in such a case, today. To begin with, you should calm down and take the situation into your own hands - you will be surprised, but according to airline statistics, every 1.5 minutes they lose the baggage of their passengers, so be sure that you are far from alone in this matter.

By the way, more often than not, suitcases are lost on connecting flights or transit flights, that is, where they have to be overloaded, and this is done by airport employees, and not by the passengers themselves. On domestic flights such situations occur much less frequently.

First steps

First of all, the question arises, where to turn in such a case? After you realize that you are left without luggage, you will need to contact Lost & Found, at Russian airports “Luggage Search”. Its main field of activity is to help people search for and recover damaged or lost bags.

If such a rack you could not find, you can try to find representatives of the company with which you made the flight. There you will have to make a written statement of claim for which you will need your passport, a tag sticker on your baggage.

In a statement, you will have to describe your lost suitcase: its shape, color and size, number of wheels, material, and so on. It is good if a name tag that you made yourself in advance was attached to a suitcase: according to statistics, such suitcases and bags are much faster.

The statement about the loss is filled in two copies, one of which remains in the hands of the passenger, and the other - the representative of the airline. After that, it remains only to return home or to the hotel (depending on where you flew) and periodically call the airline in order to speed up the search process in any way.

What's next?

Many affected passengers have a question about whether the guilty party should somehow compensate for your inconvenience and provide the most necessary things that were temporarily missing along with your luggage during the flight?

In principle, they are not obliged, although some carriers, who strongly value their reputation, sometimes issue “essential kits”, which include a toothbrush, soap, paste, deodorant, and so on.

In place, you just have to wait, but to make the waiting process a little easier, you can follow the movements of your precious suitcase through the World Tracer system. True, this will only work if your airline is connected to it.

When to expect a loss?

Usually, the air carrier promises that the lost baggage will be found maximum within a few days. In principle, usually something like this happens, but the period can stretch up to 5 days. If after 5 days your luggage has not been returned, then it is advisable to again contact the carrier and make a list of things that were in it.

The maximum period during which the baggage search is carried out is 21 days, but if it was not found during this time, it is automatically attributed to the stolen or lost, after which the company is obliged to pay for all the damage.

If a suitcase was found after all, then you should bring it to the door of the house absolutely free of charge (the address is indicated in the written statement). True, even here the rules are not fully followed: most often, the found bags are transported exclusively in the area of ​​arrival cities, while the rest remain deposited in the airline's office, from where the passenger picks it up on their own.

In principle, in this case, with the carrier, you can request payment of funds that were spent on the way to the office. In general, be careful next time: preferably, before each new flight, remove the old tags from the suitcase that were left from previous flights. It is because of the confusion in the tags and most of the loss occurs at airports.

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