How to become Winx?

Animated films are a whole art, which is aimed at shaping the personality of children. Unfortunately, few producers of such films care about the quality of their work and don’t think about what children, and indeed all other people, are taught by these films. Today's article is about children. Most likely, they will be the main readers. So, dear, this time, guys, let's find out about the famous Winx fairies together and try to become one of them.

How to become a Winx fairy: important details

As you know, dear little readers, there are several main characters in the Winx cartoons. We will tell you about ways to help you understand how to become a fairy, how to become a great Winx sorceress. Let's start with one of the most popular.

How to become Winx Bloom

Bloom is a princess of a fairy kingdom and she is the main character of the series. Many girls want to be like Bloom and have her power. But unfortunately the young beauty, the evil witch Trix destroyed her parents and their kingdom. However, Bloom managed to escape, grow and gain magical powers.In order to become a fairy Winx Bloom, you need the right clothes. Therefore, you need to find things in your wardrobe or the wardrobe of your parents that might be similar to those that Bloom wears. Do not miss a single detail, young adventurer. Remember, a real fairy is a fairy fully armed. You can create your own image of the Winx from the clothes that you have. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment. Each fairy has a hiding place where it keeps its secrets and secrets. To become Bloom, you will need to make such a shelter so that in the hours of despair and hardship you will be able to regain your strength. A prerequisite for the creation of such a shelter is to keep secrets in the Winx Club. Only fairies can know about this place. Well, the last thing you need to do is whisper your favorite word, saying before this: “Magix Bloom”. This is your password that will help transform into a fairy and back into a person.

How to become Winx Flora

Flora is a special heroine of the animated series about the Winx fairies. Many girls dream of becoming Flora, as she is a real fashionista and has the wisdom available only to her.In order to become a real Winx fairy, you will also need appropriate clothing and your secret shelter. You can become a fairy Flora only in your shelter or in the shelter of your girlfriends in the Winx club. To transform into Flora, do the following - pour a glass of water and add a small spoonful of sugar and raspberry jam. Stir the contents of the glass with a special magic spoon. To make such a spoon, you need to take any spoon and read the spell: "Magiks Spoon!" Now you need to lie in your shelter and wait for the action of the drug. It will work in half an hour. To transform into a person, you just need to drink a glass of water.

How to become Winx Stella

Stella is one of the most beloved characters in the series. To understand how to become a Winx in the image of Stella, you need to do the following. Take a piece of paper and a set of colored pencils or markers. On a sheet of paper, you must draw a map of the kingdom. On the map you need to identify all the most important places for the Winx Club. A truly important mission entrusted to you! Thanks to your map, other fairies will be able to find and defeat their enemies,and draw strength in recovery zones. Create your image from clothes and take cover. Place the created map in your hiding place. Be careful! Only Winx Club fairies can see this card and use it. For a complete transformation into Stella, you need to very carefully look at the card and say the following spell: "Magix Map!" After this, the process of reincarnation in Stella begins. You will be her for half an hour. To become human again, drink a glass of water.

How to become a Winx Roxy Fairy

Turning into Roxy is perhaps the most difficult. Only real fairies who possess inner strength and wisdom can become Roxy. To become a Winx fairy now, you need to create your own image of the available clothes and make a Winx hideout. After that, take a skipping rope and complete your most challenging jumps. Then take the ball and throw it three times in the air. Throwing the ball for the fourth time, let it hit the floor. Then climb into the shelter and say quietly: "Magiks Power!" To turn into a man, drink a glass of water. In the same way, you can become Winx Leila.

Now you know how to become a real Winx fairy.