How to become loved?

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How to become loved?

Many tend to view love as a biochemical and physiological process that is not controlled by man. However, the practice proves that one can endear oneself to oneself by quite specific methods, without relying on the strength of mother nature alone.


Have you ever noticed that next to beautiful and successful men are often very mediocre in terms of appearance of a woman? This proves that appearance, which, although very important for relationships, is not always the decisive factor in the choice of a man's companion of life.

  • Let's give the person what he needs - this is probably the main rule, the implementation of which always gives a positive result. If a man wants to see in you a fatal beauty - give him the opportunity. He dreams of a decisive and independent partner - be that way! Wants tenderness, naivety and obedience - immediately tame the "stroptivitsa" within yourself!
  • Let your loved one feel that he is the best for you, strong, intelligent, etc.In this case, it is not necessary to pass on the enthusiastic admiration for the talents of the boyfriend. The best tactic is calm recognition of the status of a person whom you trust, whom you respect and value, love.
  • Give the man free personal space. Let him have the opportunity to spend time outside the home without you. Let him meet with friends, play sports, attend interesting events for him, etc. At this time, go about your business and do not encroach on his attention.
  • Do not show a man that you are afraid of losing him. Demonstrating a woman over-enthusiasm for a partner can scare him. In addition, men are more interested in a lady who has yet to be “unraveled”, “conquered” (do you remember that all men are hunters in their souls?) Be loving, but at the same time let us understand that you can always find yourself an interesting occupation besides communicating with a partner.
  • From here immediately the next rule - love yourself. After all, it is impossible to think about how to become loved, and at the same time treat yourself badly. Believe in your attractiveness and personal value. Respect and value yourself.Men feel this very much and form a special relationship with you accordingly.
  • Surround him with care. Traditionally, a woman was entrusted with the task of saving the family hearth and resolving economic issues. Even today, most men value comfort and convenience, delicious food and clean, perfectly ironed clothes very highly. In this case, do not turn into a "mommy", trying too hard to patronize her boyfriend.
  • Do not find out the relationship, do not scandal, do not reproach and do not humiliate your man. Learn to convey to him your requests, wishes, insults delicately, but so that he can understand you (immediately give up allusions - men often do not understand them).
  • Find out what gives a particular joy to a partner in intimate relationships, and try to give it to him.


Although we have put this factor in second place, we will not, of course, completely exclude it.

  • Do not dedicate a man to the secrets of female caregivers, cosmetics andBecome a favoriteother procedures. He absolutely does not have to see you in hair curlers, with a nourishing mask on his face and legs smeared with a depilation cream.
  • Always follow the accuracy and beauty of hair, makeup, manicure.
  • Be sure to include in the wardrobe sexy clothes with lace or deep cuts, blouses made of translucent fabric, bright elegant accessories, shoes with heels. Make sure that you have red lipstick that suits your complexion for a particularly festive evening out. Do not forget about the quality perfumes that will drive your partner exactly crazy. No matter how stereotyped you may find these things, they are always very effective in affecting a man. Just follow the measure in choosing a wardrobe and cosmetics, perfume. Otherwise, you risk from the "dear woman" to turn into a "New Year tree".