How to become a hacker from scratch?

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How to become a hacker from scratch?

Hacker is a professional IT specialist who is well versed in computers and computer networks and can write a program or script for any purpose. The article will talk about how to become a hacker from scratch and what minimum knowledge and practices you need to have for this.

If you firmly decided that you want to become a hacker, you must be able to understand the following points.

Personal Computer

The first thing you need to master is your own computer. The hacker must know where the button is and what it is used for. In addition, it is necessary to examine all the additional devices that may be useful during the work.

Learning the basics of programming

Without this knowledge, it is difficult to imagine a hacker. It is necessary to spend more time reading the literature on the basics of programming.

Internet study

If you have pages on social networks or even your game server, this does not mean that you know the Internet well.Examine the World Wide Web device, the server and browser interactions, and understand the header values ​​(HTTP) that are sent to the server by the client. Learn to understand what is IP, Proxy, etc.

Hypertext Markup Language

Knowing the basics of HTML and linking to CSS is very important. This knowledge will make it possible not only to create your own websites, but also to have interaction with servers and php scripts.

Answers and questions

If in the course of working or studying you have questions, try to search for answers yourself, there is a lot of useful information on the Internet, and you will definitely find the answer to your question. In case you could not solve your problem by yourself, contact a specialized forum for help, but first formulate your question correctly.


Since most of the Internet is in English, a self-respecting hacker must learn it, even if it works in the RU-zone. English is the accepted and understood by all the language of the Internet.

Basics of hacking

If all the previous points are passed with success, you can proceed to learn the basics of hacking.For a start, you can consider the technology of XSS-attacks, but here you can not do without knowledge of HTML and PHP.

In addition, you must learn to hide all traces of hacking.

Hacker code

  1. Share information. If you have found the answer to a difficult question, share your discovery so that others do not reinvent the wheel, but take advantage of your work results.
  2. Notify. When a hacker hacks into a program, he receives the necessary information, but in return he must notify the owner of the service about gaps in the work of the site.
  3. Individual thinking. A hacker must avoid patterned thinking.
  4. Answers on questions. No matter how difficult the question may seem, the hacker must always find the answer.
  5. Polite communication. Despite the fact that hackers hunt for someone else's information, they are very polite people. If you want to ask something from others, then this must be the right question with a specific description.
  6. Order. Since the computer is both a workplace, a place of rest, and a friend, it must be kept clean and tidy.