How to be the best spouse

Give your husband as much attention as possible. Watch for yourself and your appearance. Dress up for him more often, do a variety of hairstyles, do not forget about makeup. A husband must see every day that his wife is the most beautiful. And, of course, follow the figure. If a spouse married a slender girl, it will be unpleasant for him to see her become very plump in a few years.
Constantly improve your culinary art. Finding new recipes using literature or the Internet is pretty easy. Love to cook, do not be afraid to experiment. Remember that "the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach." Your loved one will appreciate your efforts, because not everyone can.
Put your man in the foreground, and friends and friends - on the second. A man should feel that he occupies a leading position in the family. Get used to the hobbies of your spouse. Show interest, participate in them.The only exception may be that you are really not interested.
Show wisdom in daily activities and concerns. If you are annoyed by scattered things, then for a man it can be a trifle. Do not conflict because of this and do not be annoyed. Try to become your husband's best friend so that he can trust you with all his secrets. Trust your man, support him and comfort him in difficult moments.
Forget about scandals and conflicts in the family. Even in those cases when they are 100% sure that they are right. Try to solve all problems peacefully, through negotiations and persuasion. Do not be annoying when you see that your husband needs to be alone with his thoughts. Take care of your husband as a child. Feeling your concern, perhaps he will want to bring you coffee in bed.
Take care of the intimate side of living together. Buy yourself sexy lingerie, find out the sexual desires of the spouse and try to implement them for him. Naturally, those that do not go against the norms of morality and do not harm health. Perhaps, having suffered one or two times, you will find something to please both. Do not fool your husband by imitating pleasure and orgasm.
Try as little as possible to deny her husband sex. Go to meet all the experiments in sexual life, which he offers. Suggest something yourself. Sometimes take the initiative in sex in your hands, men like to sometimes be "raped" by a woman.