How to adjust wheel alignment

You will need
  • tape measure or ruler;
  • pencil;
  • key
In the first place, of course,convergencenecessary for seasonal replacement of tires, repair of the undercarriage of the car, steering system, suspension and in the post-accident period. Secondly, it is necessary to undergo this procedure regularly when: pass 10-15 thousand kilometers; tires wear out too fast and uneven; the clearance changes; the car leads to the side when it enters the pit or when driving in a straight line; car bad road holding.
How to adjust camber- <b> convergence </ b>
Adjust the camberconvergencebest in car service, especially if you are an inexperienced driver. They have special stnedy, which you quickly check the condition of your wheels.
And experienced drivers often take up the matter of adjustment themselves. To do this, put the car on the overpass or pit - the wheels must look straight. The distance between the rims of the disks is measured with a tape measure or a ruler. An important condition for performing such a procedure is that the disks are not distorted.and remained smooth. Measurements are made both behind and in front of the wheel disk only in the horizontal plane. First you need to measure one wheel and fix the data, then the second. If there is a difference in the marks, then the procedurethe collapse of convergencecar is vital.
How to adjust camber- <b> convergence </ b>
Starting repair, you need to unscrew the locknut of one of the steering rods of the machine. Then, shortening or lengthening it, the wheels are set to the desired position. At the same time it is necessary to observe equal values ​​of the length of the steering rods - they must be the same. If the figures do not match, they need to be leveled and only after that tighten the nuts.
How to adjust camber- <b> convergence </ b>
Remember that accuracy in measurements is the key to correct alignment of wheel alignment. If you are not sure that you can measure yourself up to a millimeter correctly, then contact a specialist.
Helpful advice
Immediately after repairing the wheel, you need to check on the go. To do this, you need to accelerate the car to 60-70 km / h and see if it is not scouring and whether the steering wheel is moving to the side. If such signs appear, the adjustment must be redone.