How to accrue land tax in 2017

If you are a land owner, landowner or land user, then the annual payment of thistaxbut you are charged with duties. First, determine the object - it can be a land plot, its part or land share owned, owned or used.
Find out whichtaxThe new rate is subject to land in your area. Each municipality has its own regulatory legal act, determining the date of payment and the ratetaxa, although the rate still can not be lower than the maximum figures prescribed in the Tax Code. Learn about the size of the rates intaxnew
Multiply the cadastral value of the plot or share bytaxthe new rate is the sumtaxa.Readtaxon the land in the current reporting period, that is, on December 31 of the current year, and pay landtaxat the location of the land not earlier than February 1 of the next year.
If your municipality requires advance paymentstaxon the ground, you will have to do a few additional calculations. Select the fourth part of the annual amounttaxand to the ground.
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Submit your tax return no later than February 1 of the year following the reporting year! This period is defined at the federal level and does not depend on the municipality. As they say, pay the tax and sleep peacefully ... until the next one is charged.