How not to fall for the "bait" of criminals?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of criminals in the world, and each of us can become a victim of them. And how to prevent this?

How to avoid becoming a victim of crime?

  • If you need to return home at night, then choose not the shortest path, but the safest one. The road must be lit and pass through some public places. Avoid vacant lots, abandoned parks and squares, ravines and other similar sites.
  • If you know that you have to go alone (for example, from work), then choose discreet and simple clothes and comfortable shoes without heels. In addition, you should not wear expensive jewelry, it is better to leave them for special occasions.
  • Never show or advertise your wealth. In public places, do not talk about wages, do not open a wallet full of money, do not count the funds. In general, it is advisable not to carry cash, especially large amounts. The best option is a plastic card.Even if the attackers get it, they are unlikely to be able to withdraw money.
  • To avoid becoming a victim of the rapist, you should avoid overly defiant and vulgar clothes: short dresses and skirts, blouses and jackets with a deep cleavage, things made of translucent fabric.
  • Since there are many criminals among taxi drivers, then if you had to use the services of one of them, be vigilant. First, get in a car with identification marks, do not trust private drivers. Secondly, sitting in the car, immediately call someone from relatives or relatives and loudly inform the registration number of the taxi. It will frighten the criminal.
  • Do not engage in conversation with a stranger, be it a casual passer-by or your fellow traveler on public transport. And the more so do not give out personal information and other data, such as a place of work or studies, recent purchases, profession and position, marital status and so on. A potential criminal can use all this to search for victims.
  • If you move in the dark in a deserted place, do not listen to music on headphones, go with a quick and confident step.If you meet a suspicious person on your way or a whole company of drunk people or people with a criminal appearance, it is better to immediately turn off the intended path and run.
  • If you notice that you are being watched, let the person who is observing and causing suspicion know about it. If you walk down the street, stop, even if you are in a hurry somewhere. If the person has stopped with you, try changing directions. If he again followed you, then immediately go to a crowded place and loudly ask someone to call the police.
  • Avoid casual acquaintances in restaurants, cafes and other public places and moreover do not react to the invitations of new friends. If a person insists and puts pressure, immediately contact the institution’s security personnel and report inappropriate behavior.
  • At a later time, it is better to refuse to travel by elevator. And if, having called him, you saw that an unfamiliar man wants to come along with you, it is better to wait for the next elevator or go upstairs to the required floor.
  • You should not give the phone to a stranger who asked him, even if it is a girl or an elderly woman. In response to such a request, suggest that you make the call yourself if it is very urgent (for example, in the case ofif an emergency call is required).
  • Try not to answer phone calls in crowded places, especially if you have an expensive and large telephone, this may attract the attention of a potential robber.
  • Be careful at the ATM. If you need to withdraw a large amount of money, make sure that there are no suspicious persons nearby (for example, people who look around or stand at ATMs for a long time, but do not perform any kind of transactions). If there are any, it is better to postpone withdrawal. Do everything quickly and accurately, immediately remove the money and certainly take the check with you, as it can be seen in the trash can and pick up the robber, as a result of which he will know the size of the issued amount and the balance on the account.
  • If you hear that someone is stalking you, and there is no chance to run away, turn around sharply and look at the potential criminal in the face, this may scare him and make him retire.
  • Always carry pepper spray with you, and when crossing dangerous places it is advisable to keep it at the ready.
  • In public transport, try not to stand and not sit near the exits, it is from these passengers that they most often steal things, because the robber is most likely to snatch the bag and immediately run out.
  • It is desirable to store money in breast pockets, since from the back and side, as well as from the bag to an experienced thief to pull them the easiest.
  • If you are offered to take you home, do not even think to agree!
  • If you are approached by a stranger who is immediately trying to make eye contact, turn your eyes away and try to leave soon. Probably, this person is trying to hypnotize you or inspire something.
  • Do not communicate with Gypsies, they are very intrusive and usually go in groups, so you automatically become “easy prey”. In addition, many of them possess the technique of hypnosis and often use clever tricks.

Let the tips given above help you not to run into criminals and save lives, health and money.

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