How much should a baby weigh per year?

Elena Odushkina
Elena Odushkina
May 12, 2015
How much should a baby weigh per year?

Each parent is concerned about the full development of their baby. In the first years of a child’s life, its main indicator of proper growth and formation of the body becomes its weight.

How much should a baby weigh per year and what does it depend on?

Boys weight

Gender trait plays one of the determining roles in terms of determining the norms of weight indicators in relation to growth. At 12 months, boys reach a height of about 72-78 cm with an average weight of 10 kg. Fluctuations within 9-11 kg are considered the norm.

Girls weight

From birth, girls are more fragile creatures. Therefore, indicators of height and weight they have less than boys. For one-year-olds, a weight of 8-10 kg with height of 70-75 cm is considered the norm.

Power type

When breastfeeding baby gets all the necessary substances. With a lack of milk may decrease weight indicators. Artificial nutrition accelerates weight gain, so you need to follow the upper limit of the norm. You can find all the interesting indicators in our section Development Standards.

To accurately determine the child’s weight, it is necessary to regularly examine and weigh at the pediatrician. The ratio of height and body weight plays a decisive role. On average, after 6 months, for every 5 mm of growth there is 100 grams of weight gain. These figures may vary, so only the doctor will describe the exact picture. Serious deviations may indicate health problems, so you need to regularly monitor the development of your child.