How much does the battery weigh?

Ekaterina Zhukova
Ekaterina Zhukova
April 18, 2015
How much does the battery weigh?

Most often, information about how much the battery weighs for a car is required to the car owner in case of repair of his car.

In more detail about in what cases the knowledge of weight of the accumulator can be useful, and also about what this parameter depends on, it will be discussed further.

Why know the weight of a car battery

Every motorist knows the basic basic characteristics of the battery. Usually they include the type of terminals used, as well as the overall dimensions and cold-scroll current. Since the batteries are usually chosen in accordance with the brand of the car, then how much the battery weighs is rarely paid attention to. Nevertheless, to find out how much the battery weighs, it is necessary in the following cases:

  • During car tuning. For example, if the master decided to move the battery under the seat or in the luggage compartment. Such a move requires strict verification of the maximum load on the power parts of the machine.True, it should be remembered that for such an alteration of a car, a special certificate is required.
  • At the time of the need to transfer the battery manually. Although the dimensions of car batteries are not large, they may not be as light as they may seem at first.

How to find out the weight of the battery with electrolyte and without

The weight of a battery with electrolyte may vary significantly with the weight of a dry battery. Most often, these data appear on the factory battery label along with other indicators. The weight of batteries of different brands is also not the same. Taking the average figure, we can say that the battery of a passenger car weighs 12-16 kg. Much heavier than truck batteries - from 21 to 48 kg. In order to identify absolutely accurate numbers, the battery needs to be weighed. In this case, to find out the weight of the battery without electrolyte, you will need to take away the weight of the electrolyte as a percentage from the figure obtained when weighing. Alkaline batteries are not weighed, so their weight can only be recognized by the indicated model (there are special tables for this).

When buying a car battery, all its data (including weight) should be asked in detail from a specialist.