How many turtles live?

Leonid Veselov
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How many turtles live?

�Turtles are the oldest animals of our planet. It is not known exactly how many years turtles live on earth, and from whom they originated. The first turtle, known to science, was born in the Mesozoic era 220 million years ago. Since then, this order of reptiles has undergone significant changes, and today there are more than 230 species inhabiting almost all corners of our land, both on land and in the oceans.

�Life expectancy varies from species to species. The larger the turtle, the longer it lives. So the life span of a giant turtle, or a giant Seychelles turtle, varies in the interval between 150 and 250 years. More gigantic turtles only leatherback turtle, but science still knows little about its longevity. No animals live as long as turtles live.

�The duration of smaller, terrestrial turtles averages 50 years. So the fresh-water red-eared turtle lives on average 50 years, the Balkan - 90 years, and the Mediterranean - 30 years.