How many liters in a cube of water?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
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How many liters in a cube of water?

In many mathematical problems, it is required to convert some units of measurement to others. In this article we will talk about the volume and its measurement in such units as cubic meters and liters. How to convert cubic meters to liters? How to solve the problems in which the question is how many liters in a cube of water?


Recall what the terms we use to solve such problems mean.

The volume is called the quantitative part of the space, which occupies a certain body or substance. The volume depends on two quantities - the shape and size of the body.

Now we are talking about a body shape like a cube. Recall also that a cube is a parallelogram in which all faces are equal and are squares. The volume of the cube is usually measured in cubic centimeters, meters and decimeters - and this is the size of the body. How to deal with liquids? How to convert liters to cubic units?

Unit conversion

In one cubic meter 1000 liters, that is, 1 liter is equal to 0.001 cubic meters.

  • 1m3�= 1000 l, i.e.1 l = 0.001 m3

Example 1:

The bath contains 400 liters of water, how many cubic meters does the bath contain?


  • 1 liter = 0,001 m3
  • 400 liters = x

We make the proportion by multiplying the values crosswise:

  • X = (400 * 0,001) / 1
  • X = 0.4 (m3)

By the way, how many liters of water actually contains a bath, find out in the article How many liters in a bath.

Example 2:

The volume of the aquarium - 1.4 m3�How many liters of water do you need to fill it?


  • 1m3= 1000 l
  • 1.4 m3= X

We make the proportion from which

  • X = 1.4 * 1000
  • X = 1,400 (l)

Other cubic units

  • 1 dm3�= 1 l
  • 1 cm3�= 0.001 L (1 ml) i.e. 1 l = 1000 cm3
  • 1 mm3�= 0.000001 l i.e. 1 l = 1 000 000 mm3

By analogy with the tasks above, by making proportions, it is possible to convert these cubic units to liters.