How interesting to conduct a lesson?

Each lesson is the time that the student has to spend interesting. Yes, yes, it is interesting, but not boring. As practice shows, interesting lessons allow students to better master the material in any subject, including those that for many students seem to be extremely boring and not worthy of their attention. Please note, dear teachers, that you can make interesting both a history lesson and an English language. Despite the fact that these two subjects are completely different from each other, there are general rules that will tell you how interesting it is to conduct a lesson.

History lesson

The history of their country, the history of the development of our civilization should be known to everyone. The study of history, as a section of science, begins at school. It is on the quality of the lessons on this subject will depend. How much the student will love the story. Perhaps this subject will become the main activity of the student in his adult life. Before you make the lesson interesting, notethat each of your lessons should be conditionally divided into three parts - checking homework, presenting new material, and working on checking how students have mastered the material presented.

As you know, history is a lot of historical events that took place in different parts of our country or the world (if we are talking about world history), therefore an interesting beginning of a lesson can be only if you don�t ask students to do their homework, and start the presentation of the new material. Be sure to follow in your report maps and charts, all sorts of tables and other applied material. Each school has a computer class, which you can use to present your students a presentation on a specific historical event.

Try to improvise more in your lessons, and, of course, you should know the material on the event not only the one that is set out in the textbook. If you do not know the answer to the students' questions, the most interesting lesson can become boring, and at the same time, you will lose credibility in the eyes of your students.Therefore, add to the school curriculum on the history of new facts that are much more interesting than those described in the textbook. Interesting facts can be found on the Internet, or regularly watching historical films, because they describe not only events, but also the fate of individuals who have changed the course of the history of our state.

English lesson

No matter in which class - in the first or in the ninth, you teach English, you must understand that it is given to students rather difficult. Therefore, your task is to conduct interesting games in the classroom, which will allow you to learn new material and consolidate the old one. In addition, psychologists say that the brain of each child is deeply individual. And, if it is enough for one student to read a sentence once to remember it, then another will take an hour or even more to study the teaching material. The most effective way to memorize educational material are visual aids. If you are studying with younger schoolchildren vegetables or fruits, then try to bring them to the lesson (you can use dummies instead of real fruit). At the same time hearing a foreign word and seeing it in reality, the child will quickly memorize its name in English.

Find interesting English video lessons online to offer them to your students as additional material that will help you learn English faster. Each lesson can be started with a small sketch that you will develop yourself, and you will regularly give children the words of the characters of the sketch. Attention! When developing a scene, do not forget that all the words you give to the students should be covered material. The sad presentation of the lesson will lead to the fact that the student who did not like the English language, will not love him even more.

Before you are interested in starting a lesson, you can ask your students what they want your lessons to be. And let it be a small survey among students, but it will help you draw the attention of schoolchildren to learning. When developing your lessons, be sure to take into account the wishes of your wards, because if their interests and methods of conducting your lessons completely coincide, then it will be much easier for them to learn. At the same time you will improve performance in the classroom, which is important for every teacher and every school.

Of course, students will eagerly attend the lessons of the teacher they like,in which they see a person of interest to them. Both in the personal, and in the professional plan. You should make friends with the students, and then your lessons will not disgust them. Especially these rules relate to learning in high school.