How do vibrating massage?

Even in ancient times, healers noticed that various vibrations can have a healing effect. No wonder people were advised to go to church, because the sound waves emanating from the bells are favorably perceived by the body and restore human energy.

In the 19th century, a special massage technique based on vibrations was developed. She is still popular, and those who have tried it on themselves, note the high efficiency. We share with you the principle of its impact and features.

Miraculous Massage

The technique of vibration massage is aimed at affecting the nerve endings of the skin surface, which receive an impulse from the outside, passing it to the brain and the main body systems - nervous, circulatory and lymphatic. This provokes the response of the systems, restoring their proper operation.

Particular attention in the process of such a session is given to the frequency and strength of vibrations, which affect the human body in different ways.Thus, weak and medium-strength impulses increase the sensitivity of nerve endings, while stronger ones, on the contrary, slow down. Thus, the specialist must choose the right treatment regimen for each patient.

For example, those who have a somewhat slower response of the nerve endings, as well as with paralysis, have moderate vibrations, and with convulsions and neuralgic problems, strong vibrations will be effective.

The main advantages of vibration massage are easy to distinguish if you follow the processes occurring during a session with the body.

  1. Blood flow improves, blood vessels expand, the sebaceous glands function is normalized, which means that tissues receive oxygen to the full. This is reflected in the condition of the skin, it acquires a healthy shade, the surface is noticeably smoothed, wrinkles cease to be so pronounced, the “orange peel” disappears.
  2. The responses of the lymphatic system help to eliminate the swelling and, over time, reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  3. Due to the active blood flow increases efficiency.
  4. Stabilizes the nervous system, increases stress resistance.

When will it help?

Exposure to vibration helps relieve inflammation in diseases such as:

  • bronchitis;
  • asthma;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • osteochondrosis.

But before you begin therapy, you need a mandatory medical consultation.

What should be remembered?

This method has almost no flaws, subject to the basic rules:

  • It is not recommended to use oils and creams for massage (an exception may be an anti-cellulite remedy);
  • the duration of the session should be from 3 to 5 minutes at the beginning of the course, and a maximum of 10 minutes at the end;
  • the procedure can be performed with the help of a massager only after proper selection (concave nozzles are needed for convex parts of the body, for sunken ones - on the contrary, for massage of the head, nozzles with long “spikes” are used);
  • The study of the abdomen, hips and buttocks should be done lying down, all other parts of the body can be sitting.

Execution technology

How do vibrating massage? This technique involves the impact of the hands: fingers, back of the hand, hand, folded in the form of "boat". Basic movements:

  • pats;
  • light knocks;
  • "Cutting".

Massaging your back, you need to move upward from the waist, alternating stroking with vibration. Please note that the spine and kidneys can not be touched.

Massage of the abdomen is allowed only in the absence of problems with the kidneys and gall bladder (the presence of stones, in particular) and exclusively clockwise.

Cough massage

Vibrations show their effectiveness also in the process of coughing and with bronchitis. This technique is an indispensable aid, especially for children, when taking medications is problematic, and I would like to speed recovery. Vibration effects on the chest contribute to the discharge of sputum and improve the general condition of the patient.

If the child is still very small, you will need to put it on your knees with your stomach down, put one hand on your back, and the second make light strokes on it. This will make the massage process more gentle and gentle.

Children older than 1 year can gently tap with their fist or palm, folded "boat", directly on the back. But in all cases it is worth remembering - it is forbidden to affect the spine.

Adults are shown the same manipulations.

To make the result really noticeable, it is not superfluous to give an expectorant to a child or an adult half an hour before the massage.

Not recommended!

The main task of vibration therapy is to improve the condition, relieve pain and give relaxation. If the patient is disturbed by discomfort during the session, dizziness or other unpleasant symptoms appear, the procedure should be stopped. There are several more contraindications:

  • oncological diseases;
  • dermatological problems with inflammation;
  • fever;
  • tuberculosis;
  • hemophilia;
  • thrombosis, varicose veins.

Improvements after a vibration massage will be noticeable after the first procedure. But the duration of the course should be adjusted by a specialist. Treat your health with special attention and do not be ill!

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