How to celebrate the day of the city?

Among the huge number of holidays is in the calendar and one that marks another anniversary of his native city. And you will agree, how pleasant it is to celebrate this celebration with close friends whom you met and grew up here, you know almost every street, and with warmth in your heart you remember these places when you are far from your little homeland. But how to celebrate this date, so she really remembered?

Some useful ideas.

Of course, the easiest way to celebrate it is to go to mass events. But we have better ideas:

  1. An evening of memories. If you manage to gather your old friends with whom you spent all your childhood in your native places, then you can arrange a wonderful celebration with a touch of nostalgia. Remember the pleasant moments that you remember most of all - favorite places for walking, funny events, interesting meetings. And you can also play the best of children's games.
  2. Holiday outside the city.If you do not like the bustle of the city and prefer to retire for the time of public events, then the best option would be a picnic in nature. You can have a great rest, and return to the line of the little homeland in the evening, having had time to enjoy the chic view of the salute.
  3. Arrange a celebration for residents of the street or at home. Mass events begin in the afternoon? Great, then you can start your celebration in the morning. Gather the most active inhabitants of your home or street, and come up with an entertainment program. Surely among those who live next to you, there will be a dozen talented people. You can hold a quiz on knowledge of interesting facts about the city, hand over letters, organize a children's drawing competition on asphalt, residents competition, and finish with a general feast, to which everyone will bring something prepared with their own hands.

Day of the city is a wonderful occasion for fun, because it is often the most ambitious and grand celebration. So do not miss the opportunity to add a little rest to your life for your soul.

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