How can you fall in love with a guy?

A woman in love often thinks about how to awaken a response in a man. Such a desire may arise when a man does not notice a lady, is indifferent to her or perceives only as a friend, when there are rivals or if the two have been together for a long time, and the liveliness and light of feelings have gone somewhere. In all these cases, you can try to kindle feelings in your loved one or remind you of past romanticism. Talk about how to fall in love with a guy.

The main thought that should be understood by a woman

A man falls in love with the state that a woman gives him. Not to the woman herself, but to the one he is with her. Beautiful appearance, brightness, style are attractive moments, but a man falls in love with the state next to a woman. Therefore, the main thing that ladies should learn is to give pleasure to their partners in a broad sense.

How to behave

It is possible to derive a trouble-free formula of male sympathy for a woman: a compliment to his masculine quality + to show its importance and necessity + to demonstrate his femininity and feminine weakness. You can use all of this together or separately.

  • Learn to make men sincere compliments that will indicate their masculinity. No need to flatter and invent: a lie is felt, but sincerely and in time, the said praise will be in place.
  • It is important for a man to feel necessary, important, irreplaceable, one and only. “I wouldn’t have done it without you,” “Thank you for helping,” “Thank you for protecting me, otherwise I’m scared” - these and similar sincere phrases will surely be nice to hear for everyone. Women often keep silent about this or do not notice such moments at all, and this is so important! Notice, mark and be sure to tell him about it.
  • Next to a feminine woman, an ordinary man automatically becomes manly. Therefore, it is not necessary to play a boyfriend, mommy, “your boyfriend”, etc. Be yourself, love and develop your unique femininity: he will feel it and he will want to be next to such a courageous lady.

Thus, a woman lights the "fire" in her chosen one and gives him pleasure. This state is like a fire. After it has lighted up, it is important to support it, to help to kindle more and more.The important point: do not throw all the branches at once - such a flame will quickly flare up, but just as quickly will go out. Throw wood at a time gradually but regularly.

Make yourself known, and then quiet down, pause. If you are interested in a man, he will definitely look for meetings with you himself, but this may not be the first time. Later you can remind yourself. Repeat the above techniques more often and make pauses - the effect will be cumulative. A woman needs not to act actively, but to provoke a man to act. He must think as if deciding and acting on his own.

To understand whether a man is in love, you can by his actions. When a man falls in love, he invests in his beloved woman with pleasure, wants her to be good. And the more he invests, the more he will fall in love. That's the whole secret! Love each other and be happy!