How can I quickly remove the whipped tips?

No, probably, not a single girl / woman who would not have dreamed of getting rid of one of the main women's problems, and finding out how to remove the split ends of her hair. Many lovers of "experiments" use the most radical ways to get rid of them, namely:

  • trimming with pedicure scissors, winding a strand on a finger;
  • burning, again at home, over a gas stove or with a lighter / match;
  • well and, of course, the most favorite, and often used method, is pulling and splitting hairs.

However, such methods will only further aggravate the situation. Hair will become even more brittle, which will result in 2 times more split ends. And yet, how can you get rid of the problem quickly, easily, and most importantly, without loss? We present to your attention several different methods and methods.

Phantom mask masks

Masks are probably the most popular among women.They can be prepared both at home and bought in any store. Next, we present the most common and effective.


In the composition of almost any mask for hair, there is always a fraction of the oil, whether it is jojoba oil or coconut, apricot, flax or even vegetable, olive. After washing your head, you need to dry your hair a little, rub any oil (preferably coconut or almond) into the tips, hold the towel for at least an hour (ideally leave it overnight), then wash your hair again. To dry


It is best to rinse the hair after each washing of the head with fresh, room temperature, herbal infusion. Leaves of chamomile, linden, nettle, peppermint and even ordinary green tea are perfect. After them, the strands will be not only smooth and silky, but also pleasantly smelling.


Of course, any “home” care will not be complete without a base of professional cosmetics on your shelf. Balm, conditioner, spray, whey, etc., perfectly fix the effect of all home masks and return the hair a healthy shine.

Beauty saloon

Still, there is nothing better than the work of specialists using professional tools.In the beauty salons offer all kinds of hair restoration services by means that are not so easy to find in a regular supermarket. In addition, many procedures can be performed only in the cabin due to the complexity of the work.

Molecular glossing

Perhaps the most favorite procedure among girls, because of its instant results. The hair immediately becomes smooth, silky, combed much easier and, most importantly, cease to split. And all this happens due to the active substances that the master “seals” with a special iron over the entire length of the hair.

Brazilian Straightening

Or - keratin straightening. Suitable for girls with any type of hair. The main components of the procedure is the keratin composition, which is applied to the hair, and after 30 minutes, is smoothed with a special iron. Under the influence of heat, keratin is completely "hammered" into the structure of the hair, making it incredibly smooth.


First, the master thoroughly rinses the head with a special shampoo, which includes proteins and lipids. Then bamboo serum is applied to the peeled strands and dried with a hairdryer.Then again, "seal" ironing, but then the hair is washed again, the protein concentrate is applied and again washed off after 25 minutes. At the end of the spray aerosol is applied to seal the scales.


Laminate ions are applied to you, enveloping the hair, creating a protective film. The effect, however, lasts only a couple of months. But the procedure at this time gives an excellent result.

Hair elimination

Special paint, developed in Japan, without any chemical compounds, you can dye your hair in the color you want, without harming the hair. This biological paint penetrates the structure of the hair, ensuring proper painting and restoration.

Special devices

There is a hope to do everything at home, for example: to buy a polishing machine. The mechanism of action is this: insert a strand into it, and she herself removes unnecessary “processes”. These machines are in beauty salons, but why overpay if you can always try it yourself.

Which of these ways to choose is up to you. But remember, if split ends have already appeared, then it is almost impossible to get rid of them without cutting the strands.Therefore, the best defense is prevention!

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