How can I pump up the pectoral muscles?

If you set a goal to pump up the pectoral muscles, you can achieve it. But it is important to know and follow a few rules in order to achieve the desired results without harm to health.

The structure of the pectoral muscles

Pectoral muscles include three components:

  • The large muscle is the most massive part extending from the clavicle, the abs and the front side of the sternum. It performs the functions of bringing the arms to the body and lifting them. The part grows rapidly and actively worked out during the standard exercises.
  • The small muscle has a triangular shape and is located under the large. It is fixed on the shoulder blade, ensures its movement.
  • The front gear muscle is located in the side of the sternum, responsible for the rotations of the scapula. If it is fully developed, it immediately reflects on the appearance of the student and improves physical performance.

In order for the chest to become prominent, it is important to take a comprehensive approach to training and to work out all groups.

Is it possible to achieve the goal yourself?

Is it possible to get a pumped chest at home? Become a bodybuilder or "kachkom", without going to the gym, you can hardly. But it will be possible to build muscle, make the area more voluminous and relief if you approach the classes responsibly and competently. Below are the main important points.

The correct training regimen

Some people mistakenly believe that daily workouts are key to quick results. But the opinion is wrong, and here's why. Muscles during training receive microdamages, are injured. After the occupation, the recovery phase begins: during this period, the fibers return to their original state. Then comes the phase of the so-called supercompensation: the restored muscles are prepared for the subsequent loads, they are poured with blood, are scarred. It is during this period that the next training session should be carried out, that is, it is necessary to wait until the fibers are completely restored.

Periodicity and frequency of training are determined taking into account the characteristics of stress and physical training. If the practitioner is well developed, then he can fully train three times a week. But the newcomer will be enough two times.After intense loads, give the muscles a rest for at least 4-5 days.

Variants of effective exercises

How can you quickly pump up the pectoral muscles of a girl or boyfriend? Only regularly exercising. We offer the most effective exercises suitable for working on the breast:

  1. Classic push-ups. Hold the prone position, placing your palms on the floor shoulder-width apart. Lower the body down so that it almost touches the floor, then return to the original position. In this case, the body should remain straight, the back does not bend, the pelvis does not feed forward.
  2. Push-ups on the palms, turned back. The fingers should be positioned towards the feet.
  3. Effective push-ups with a backward inclination. Hands should be placed on a raised platform, for example, on a bench or placed at a distance of 50-60 centimeters stools.
  4. Press with a forward tilt. To do this, place your feet on the dais.
  5. Make wide and narrow push-ups. With the latter palms are located next to each other under the rib cage. With wide pushups, hands are placed beyond shoulder level.
  6. Push-ups on the uneven bars. It is necessary to take an emphasis on elongated hands and lower the body until the arms bend at a right angle. Then rise, bending your arms.If your level of training is above average, do push-ups with weighting.
  7. You can push up with cotton. When lifting the body, push off the support, clap your hands, return them back and land.
  8. Dumbbell bench in the prone position. Lie on the floor or on the bench, take dumbbells in your hands, bring them closer to your chest, spreading your elbows to the sides. Raise your hands on the exhale, lower on the inhale.
  9. Breeding dumbbells. This exercise is best done on the bench to increase the amplitude of the movement of the hands. Raise your arms with dumbbells up, on a breath inhale them to the sides and down, with your elbows slightly bent. Exhale and re-raise your arms, reducing the dumbbells.

The number of repetitions and approaches in performing the exercises described above depends on the level of fitness. If you are just starting to train, repeat the movements ten times, this will be enough. Then increase the amount to 15-20. Later you can do two or three sets at intervals of 30-60 seconds.

Important rules

To get results, follow a few rules:

  1. Before the workout, warm up to prepare and warm up the muscles.Perform simple exercises without weighting, for example, usual push-ups.
  2. Increase the load gradually. First, increase the number of repetitions and approaches, then move on to the exercises with weighting.
  3. Exercise regularly. Do not skip the workouts, otherwise the muscles will lose volume and will be injured with long intervals during each session (you will skip the supercompensation phase).
  4. Do all the exercises correctly. Everything is important: technique, sequence of movements, pace, weighting. Missing one moment, you can not achieve the desired results.
  5. Use sports equipment. Without it, it is difficult to work out all the muscle groups. If you do not have enough money, or the purchase of accessories was not included in the plans, be smart: replace dumbbells with bottles filled with sand, use a pipe with any weights instead of a barbell, and replace a bench with stools.
  6. Work through all muscle groups. To do this, perform different exercises, alternating them, and preferably within the same workout, so that the recovery takes place simultaneously.
  7. Eat right.For muscle growth requires protein, which can be obtained from lean fish and meat, dairy and dairy products, mushrooms, nuts. For recuperation and productive workouts include in the diet foods containing so-called slow carbohydrates. These are cereals, nuts, products from firm grades of wheat. And watch your daily calorie intake so that fat tissue does not interfere with the development and increase in muscle volume.
  8. If possible, alternate independent home workouts with classes in the gym. Better yet, consult an experienced trainer or pay for an individual program. This will entail costs, but it will speed up the result.

Common mistakes

Finally, it is worthwhile to list the mistakes that beginners often make:

  • Excessive loads. If you constantly train to wear out, there will be an overtraining effect. Muscles will be very sore and injured, but their growth will stop. You risk losing the incentive and get depressed.
  • Constant load. If they are not increased, there will be no progress.
  • Daily workout.They are ineffective and harmful, so keep the intervals between sessions, letting the muscles rest.
  • The study of individual muscle groups. If you pay attention to one and do not involve others, the breast will not get a relief and the correct attractive shape.
  • Striving for quick results. You will not achieve them if, of course, you do not spend several hours a day in the gym, eat sports nutrition and hormones and use the services of a personal trainer. Becoming a bodybuilder in a short time, in principle, is possible, but the rapid growth of muscle mass can harm your health and lead to an equally rapid mass loss and increased fat volume. Think about whether you need it.

If you choose the right exercises and do it correctly and regularly, you can achieve the goal and pump the pectoral muscles. Effective workouts!

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