a guest22.11.16 22:10

Hello dear Marina, I am 56 years old, my husband is 69

Our relationship is companion for the rest of my life, there is no sex and I don’t want my husband, I try not to even touch him, I feel that he has become a stranger to me, we sleep under different blankets - and I ask myself, is it old age?


This is old age! Which, by the way, you lure and cherish so much that I don’t know if you need my advice.

I was very strained by the words that you are not touching him. After all, love is when you want to touch a person, and you want him to touch you. And it is not at all necessary that these touches end in intimacy! You can just sit for hours in an embrace or holding hands and watch TV, talk, remember, review photos, talk about children, grandchildren, and so on. It unites couples, gives them strength and an incentive to live. I am sure that you have something to remember. Sometimes these tender feelings are much more pleasant than sex. They are built on the hormone of tenderness called oxytocin. In his youth, this hormone always gives way to sex hormones, which are responsible for the sexuality of men and women.Over the years, these hormones fade away, their number decreases sharply in the blood, and it no longer boils so much. And tenderness comes to replace passion, a night full of hugs and caress comes to replace stormy nights. Everything is for you - experience, a lot of time (you don’t need to go to work, you don’t need to run to the crib), you don’t need to be protected. In addition, oxytocin acts as an antispasmodic, i.e. reduces pain of a different nature, as well as contributes to the release of another hormone, neurotrophin, which improves cerebral circulation, memory, and logic. Prevents dementia, senile dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Is this not enough? Free pills that nature gives us in the form of intimacy prolong life! And life itself becomes more interesting when you walk along it together. Therefore, to touch her husband as often as possible, hug, kiss, flirt. Find a common hobby, visit theaters, museums, go for a walk, go shopping together. Light candles, arrange romantic dinners. Do not zombie yourself that you are old and that life is over. The most interesting things are still ahead, the main thing is for you to believe it! Good luck to you.