Have you heard about chorba soup?

Chorba soup can often be found in the menu of many European restaurants. Traditionally, it is prepared in Romania, Moldova and Serbia. The main feature that all tasters appreciate is the satiety of the dish. Having eaten the whole plate of such a first, you will forget about the famine for a long time. It is rich and aromatic, it causes an unprecedented appetite. Let's learn how to cook chorba.

Hearty lunch

The basis of soup is kvass. It can be plain or cooked on wheat bran. It needs to be diluted with water. This is usually done in a ratio of 1: 1, but for those who want to feel a special taste of kvass, it is worth taking less water.

Also a mandatory ingredient is meat. In the classic recipe, lamb or beef is used, but a bird is also suitable.

Meat must be cut into small pieces and welded, bay water.

When it is ready, vegetables are added to the chorba. Moldovans put beans, cabbage, potatoes and greens (usually parsley and dill, lovage, coriander), and in Romania they like to substitute meat by-products, for example, chicken hearts or stomachs, and eggplants, zucchini, celery and tomatoes favor vegetables.

If you choose the option with beans, then it must be added to the meat in front of vegetables. Suitable as canned and fresh, and even dry beans. The latter should be soaked in water for 10-12 hours.

After the vegetables are in the soup, you can pour in pre-boiled kvass. Allow all ingredients to boil until cooked, put greens, and before leaving the dish to stand under a closed lid, add a little lemon juice.

Because of the variety of vegetables that appear in recipes, the chorba rather becomes like a stew, but this is another feature of it.

A delicious, appetizing soup made from fresh vegetables and meat is a great option for a family dinner. Delight their loved ones and they will be delighted.

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