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Hair Don't?

Aug 10, 2009

When I was a little girl, I'd always dreamed of being a blond. But with my olive complexion and brown eyes, it just looks weird. That is, until (as a joke) I popped on these Hairdo Clip-in bangs from Jessica Simpson and her hair stylist Ken Paves (available at and It actually gave me a little punky look, which I kind of dug, and I was wondering how my coworkers would feel. As I went through the course of my days I got a few "Whoa" reactions, a "That's terrible" and an "Adorable." (That last one was from Jane, though I suspect she was just trying to spare my feelings.) Maybe next time I'll actually try them in a shade closer to my own hair color. It's good for a fun, quick change and it's only —way less expensive than a haircut and no commitment required.

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