Getting ready for the New Year: 7 things to do before the holiday

937_4388043-f01f95New Year is such a long-awaited holiday! Fun, fireworks, champagne, tangerines, and, of course, long vacations! All this is so good, but it can become a serious problem and bring turmoil into life. After all, it is necessary to prepare for such a long holiday in advance, and to do everything so that during the weekend there is nothing to worry about!
Especially for you, we have compiled a list of 7 cases that must be done before the holidays, so that the New Year will pass happily and calmly!

№ 1.Buy and pack gifts for the New Year for everyone you are going to congratulate. It is better to do this in advance so that you do not have to go shopping in a hurry in January.
№ 2.Go to your parents, or just go to visit them if they live nearby. Bring them a treat and find out about their plans for the New Year holidays.
№ 3.Plan how to spend the January holidays: where to go or take a trip and what days.Arrange in advance with friends who are going to visit.
№ 4.Make a general cleaning, throw away or give to those who need things that are dusty on the shelves: clothes, shoes, toys.
№ 5.Decorate the house with Christmas lights, balls, snowflakes and rain, create a cozy festive atmosphere, decorate the Christmas tree.
№ 6.To go shopping. Think over the menu for a few holidays ahead and buy the necessary goods in advance - so you can once again not bother yourself with shopping on holidays.
№ 7.Visit the doctor and treat everything that did not have time to cure during the outgoing year. It's time to make an appointment with a dentist! In the New Year with health care!

These were 7 important things to do before the New Year, if you go to meet him calmly and with pleasure!