Funny Sock Snowmen

We sew funnyNew Year snowmen with a sockthat will be a wonderful decoration for the New Year, for example, you can put them around the New Year tree.

Materials and tools:

  1. white socks (better terry);
  2. filler, in this case rice;
  3. buttons;
  4. two black and one orange bead;
  5. scraps of fabric with a pattern, ribbons and other decorations;
  6. Elastic bands
  7. thread and needle.

Step 1

Take a sock and cut off the upper part, cut about the heel. Turning the sock. From the side of the cut, we firmly tighten the end of the sock with a rubber band or sew it with a thread and a needle. Turning the sock back.

Fill the 3/4 sock with rice, give it a round shape, put it on and tighten it with an elastic band to spread the body and head of the snowman. Fill the snowman's head with rice and tighten the top of the head with a rubber band or sew it with a thread and a needle.

The base for the snowman is ready.

Step 2

Getting to decorate a snowman.

Sew or glue black beads (eyes) and an orange bead (nose).

Cut a strip of fabric (you can ribbon or tie a small strip) - it will be a scarf. We tie a scarf around the neck of a snowman.

On the head of a snowman on the top of the top (the rest of the sock, after cutting it) sock, having previously bent the edge. It turned out such an interesting cap. You can make a few stitches to sew the cap to the head.

We sew a few buttons to the snowman's body.