For the most stylish ladies - luxurious lynx fur coats

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
October 19, 2017
For the most stylish ladies - luxurious lynx fur coats

A lynx fur coat is considered a rather expensive item. These coats are not sold at every step, and the cost will not be affordable for everyone. Nevertheless, lynx fur coats are very popular, because there are very few of these animals left in the wild, and there are no farms for their breeding today. Related to this is the relatively high price.

However, few people know that not all lynx fur is considered expensive, but only its separate part - the tummy. The product from this part will be really luxurious and expensive. But the back of the coat will be several times cheaper. The question arises: Why such a difference, because the animal is the same? The thing is that the skin of this beast itself is heterogeneous. The fur on the tummy is very airy, fluffy, whitish or yellowish in color with black spots. But the fur in the back has a very low pile and less presentable appearance.Often, the whole skin is used in a lynx fur coat, and the most beautiful part of it is sewn into some prominent place - on the chest or in the collar area.

On the website you can purchase various fur coats from the lynx, both luxury models and more budget options. In both cases, these products look truly luxurious and elegant.

The main types of lynx and the advantages of this fur

Today, there are three types of lynx: common, red and Canadian. Each of them has its own characteristics. Common has a thick and fluffy white fur in combination with bright dark spots in the tummy area. The redhead surprisingly has snow-white fur on the abdomen. This species has the shortest fur. Canadian lynx is characterized by light, but not white fur with dark patches. Accordingly, the most expensive will be a fur coat from the fur of an ordinary lynx. But the product of the other two can be bought at a relatively low cost.

As for the benefits, the lynx fur they are:

  • increased wear resistance;
  • prestige and status;
  • perceptible lightness of the product;
  • even a “merzlyachka” girl will not freeze in fur coats from this fur.

How to choose clothes for a lynx fur coat?

Rarely a lynx fur coat is the first in a row, as a rule, it is preceded by more everyday analogs from mink, beaver, muton or others. Such a product is purchased for ceremonial events, and for everyday life most girls prefer more modest fur coats.

Also important is the length of the fur product. Long - for evening dress, coats or fur jackets - for everyday wear.