Flowers from cones: a master class step by step

Crafts from cones "Flowers" are distinguished by their elegance and originality. In order for the child to be able to do it, you need to prepare all the components in advance, you can -

with his participation, but the adult will have to take the main part of the work. img title="Flowers from cones: master class step by step" src="" alt="Flowers from cones: master class step by step" width="400" height="350">

Flowers from the cones: a master class step by step

So, before we make flowers, we cut individual scales from the cones.


Conveniently for this purpose use Vat strong wire cutters. We try to choose the largest scales, about the same size. If you wish, you can paint the scales with bright paint or draw a simple drawing on each of them, then the flower will turn out even more interesting. You can immediately cut a small circle out of a dense bright felt - this will be the basis of the flower.

Well, the preparatory work is finished, you can spend on the topic of how flowers are made from cones, a master class. We begin to turn our scales into petals.To do this, glue them around the perimeter of the felt base. It is better to use for this purpose glue gun, which instantly fixes the petals to the fabric, or transparent polymer glue, which hardens a little longer. It is also convenient second moment "Moment", but you need to work with him very carefully.


When the first lap is completed, our hand-made article will start to become similar to a flower. Glue the second circle of scales. With each row the flower will become increasingly lush.


Now you need to make a beautiful core. You can use the remaining part of the cone as it, or you can glue it together from separate petals and scales. Here you need to be guided by fantasy, based on what is at your disposal. A beautiful heart can come from physalis nutlets and any dry flower, from leaves and blades of grass.


We place the core in the center of the felt circle.


When the last row is glued, our work will end.