Films about the most inventive and dangerous criminals

A sophisticated and clever criminal is a gift for cinephiles. With such a plot does not sag, and the film keeps in suspense until the very end, and if you're lucky, then far after. We picked up thrillers with geniuses of evil, who can calculate their moves in advance and drive them into a trap.

"The basic Instinct"

Thirty-odd blows with a knife for splitting ice got poor guy Johnny Boz and did not have time to finish. Detective Nick Karren (Michael Douglas) is taken over the investigation with a difficult background in the form of alcoholism and drug addiction. The main suspect becomes a friend, Bosa, a writer of detective novels, walking sex, Catherine Trammel. In the "Basic Instinct" the air around Sharon Stone can be cut with a knife, and you can prick like ice. It will take thirty strokes, no less.
In 1992, the Dutchman Paul Verhoeven introduced Sharon Stone to the ranks of Hitchcock's psychopathic sexy blondes and turned the character of a 34-year-old actress into one of the iconic archetypes of the 20th century.


Thriller David Fincher 1995 with the outstanding role of Kevin Spacey.
Sophisticated serial killer John Doe (Kevin Spacey) leads by the nose of police detectives, cracking down on victims allegedly in accordance with the seven sins. According to the maniac, each of his victims - the standard embodiment of gluttony, greed or idleness.
Two detectives, the experienced William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) and the impetuous David Mills (Brad Pitt), follow the trail and find themselves, unknowingly, participants in a wild, but somewhere logical, scheme of an exceptionally intelligent psychopath.

"Talented Mr. Ripley"

The film by Anthony Minghella is one of the best screen versions of the book by Patricia Highsmith about the courteous killer of Tom Ripley.
Dicky Greenleaf (Jude Law) is the damn charming son of wealthy parents, living on the Italian coast. His father hires a decent boy Tom (Matt Damon) to return his heir to the States. Tom Ripley rubs into the credibility of Dickie and his girlfriend, quietly realizing a hellish plan to ... turn himself into Dicky Greenleaf.

Bounty Hunters

Scandinavian noir-thriller directed by Morten Tildum based on the novel by Yu Nesbe.
The main character, Roger Brown, is a professional headhunter who is in love with his wife to death.In order to provide the beautiful gallery owner with everything necessary, Roger steals expensive paintings from the homes of respectable clients. Aiming once on the otherwise prohibitively expensive Rubens in the house of the charm of the top manager (Nikolai Koster-Valdau), who also has his wife's eyes, Roger is trapped. If Roger looks like a small-time swindler, then his opponent is a real predator, in whose eyes there is one goal: to destroy.


In the thriller "Vanished" David Fincher, letting you enjoy the plot attraction, makes you think hard about relationships and marriage.
On the fifth anniversary of the wedding, Nick Dunn (Ben Affleck) returns home and discovers that his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) has disappeared. During the investigation, Nick becomes the main suspect, because the Dannov family was clearly not doing well.
In the film adaptation of the novel, Gillian Flynn Fincher masterfully chases the spectator around: the family drama flows into a detective story, then into a thriller and ends with a family drama, only of a completely different kind.

"The skin in which I live"

Psychological thriller Pedro Almodovar with Antonio Banderas in the role of a plastic surgeon moving down from the coils.
The famous surgeon Robert Ledgard holds the girl locked in Vera, who fell victim to his experiments with the invention of artificial skin. Almodovar would not have been himself if he had done only a cold medical thriller. Shortly after the beginning of the film’s events, the filmmaker launched a man in a plush tiger costume, added warming up in the form of uneasy mother-son relations, splashed passion and color, threw a handful of dildos and turned everything into a corporate carnival, in which, however, masks grow to the skin .